Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Guergis Day

If you did not think that Helena Guergis would become a story in this campaign, you thought wrong. Helena has obtained the letter the PM sent to the RCMP leading to her dismissal from caucus, and she has provided that to the CBC. She is expected to a major story on Friday (which is clearly her intent), as the Liberals will undoubtedly attack Stephen Harper for dismissing Helena without sufficient evidence of criminal wrong doing. Meanwhile, we will see if the CBC shows any clips of what the Liberals were saying about Helena in Question Period prior to her dismissal when they were demanding she be fired. Pay really close attention to what Marlene Jennings was saying.

This is all fine and dandy, but allegations of drug and hooker trafficking had less to do with her dismissal than did her husband using her office and e-mail to lobby for government contracts and claiming to have access to the Prime Minister. Rahim Jaffer never had that access he boasted because he never received a contract.


  1. How she can stand there and play the victim to the very media that jumped on the busty hookers, screaming in airports and joined the opposition in demanding her firing while they try now to get dirt on the PM is disgusting.

    It tells me that she has no scruples and ethics that she doesn't call out the media for their initial treatment of her but instead takes the opportunities presented by the biased media to call out the wrong people - IMO

  2. When the PM decided to let Guergis go from caucus, I thought he was wrong in not explaining why to the public. I also think that once she was cleared, she should have been able to return to caucus.

    But ... I believe Guergis is making a big mistake in trusting the media -- the very media that savaged her reputation. Now the media is trying to generate sympathy for her because
    1. It works well in their hate-Harper agenda
    2. Crying sells.

    Ignatieff this morning made a big deal of how poorly she had been treated, forgetting the relentless venom his MPs -- particularly Anita Neville and Wayne Easter -- spewed for months on end in Question Period.

    Both the media and the opposition are despicable vipers. But I don't think anyone comes off well in this entire sordid affair.

  3. The hypocrisy is awesome on this story. They demanded she be fired and now they criticize that firing. Iggy == always good Harper == always bad.

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  5. Is this the "friday funnies" The suck up of Mandsbridge to Helena Guergis is sickening.
    She needs to move on, this is supposed to help her cause?
    I think this is just another saved up, put away for the optimnum damage faux scandal release by the ever more shrill and desperate CBC.
    This is so old it's as bald as Mandsbridge and as dotty as Owl-Livers.
    I don't think the Liberals can do anything to stop the Conservatives.
    They have nothing to offer but old red book promises, Count Ignition-off and cap and trade, now that is SCARY.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. I had some thought about voting for Helena until this happened. Her polls must be going down. I would not vote for her now.

  7. Harper was right to dump the overly emotional prima donna,she added nothing to the Conservative Party except a pretty face.

    Guergis comes from a family that seeks public office as the way to success,and is there for the prestige,salary,and pension of the political class.

    When the Guergis affair first started,I stated that Harper should dump her,and imho he took too long to do it.

    Guergis will get lots of publicity now,mainly because the optics are good,an attractive woman victim of the Second Hitler,Harper.

    The Conservatives should fight back by running an ad showing all the anti-Guergis statements by the Liberal attack dogs, especially Neville and Easter.


  8. Simcoe-Grey has moved on from all this and is ready to elect Conservative Dr. Kellie Leitch to Parliament.

  9. She was rightfully sacked for miss-using her office with her drug abusing husband as had been demanded by the press and the lieberals. Once she was sacked however her and the press and the lieberals were best buddies and the conservatives were evil. How convenient!! What's next in breaking national news a rehash of wafergate? The CBC (media arm of the lieberals) needs to understand that adults are watching!

  10. I believe that Mr. Harper is perhaps being a gentleman by not airing dirty laundry in public.
    What he knows would maybe further damage her reputation.

  11. Why is she blaming the was the Toronto Star that started it all....

  12. Simcoe-Grey CPC member with Dr. Kellie Leich sign on the property agrees with RnR...thinking conservatives in the riding have moved on.

    Bill Verwey
    Wasaga Beach

  13. If the CBC was honest and non-partisan (are you laughing, yet?), they would contrast the artificial outrage coming from Ignatieff and other regarding Guergis being unfairly dismissed with their statements calling for her resignation when the story just broke. In other words, if the Guergis story was reported on responsibly (and it shouldn't be reported on at all, in my view, as there are much more important news stories being ignored), it would reflect well on the Harper government for removing an irresponsible member rather than defending her to the bitter end in the hopes of protecting the image of the party, while reflecting poorly on the opposition parties given their hypocrisy of initially condemning Guergis, and now advocating on her behalf.

    This is Canadian politics at its most absurd.