Friday, April 8, 2011

Debate Predictions?

The next poll question; on what issue will the knockout punch be delivered in next week's debates, if there is any knockout punch at all? In Vegas I'm sure the smart money would be on no knockout punch being delivered by any leader, but where is Ignatieff most vulnerable? With some suggestions from you, I plan to launch this poll later this evening. Personally I think Iggy's biggest vulnerability is the link between tax cuts, market performance, and pension value, considering his flip flop on the tax policy. Granted, I don't know if something as dry as economics will result in a Mulroney-Turner moment.

If this becomes a debate about ethics, well suddenly Iggy has been on the defensive with several ethical controversies at the riding level. Drunk drivers, a white supremacist, and someone who thinks we need to show more compassion towards sex offenders. The weakness of the Liberal vetting process is an asset to Stephen Harper in the debates.


  1. Asking all three of them and especially iggy about a coalition

  2. Ipsos Reid poll (April 5-7)

    CPC 41
    LPC 26

    If all the Canadians now promising to vote (56 per cent) did, in fact, cast their ballots on election day,
    Tory support would rise to 44 per cent, while support for the Liberals would be 26 per cent, the NDP vote would yield 18 per cent and the Green Party would receive four per cent.

  3. It appears that CBC and CTV Craig Oliver are pinning their hopes on the debate. I am sure the National Press will be manipulating a debate to have Iggy look very good.
    On CBC "at issue" last night , all three panelist pointed out that often Debates look like a draw. But afterwards certain clips are played by the media over and over again to point out a strength or weakness.
    We have all been warned. Expect the MSM to make Iggy the hero.

  4. In his rallies and press conferences, Iggy has been coming across as too aggressive. That makes some sense, when the audience is mostly partisans.

    But it's going to make him look scary, if he keeps ranting and raving at such an annoying level, to the wider public.

  5. Lberals are soft on sexual assault, racism amd drunk drivers and always appoint judges who sentence accordingly. It could be worse however . A coalition would represent the libs,ndp and bloq and any judges appointed would represent their combined social needs (shudder).

  6. Harper to Iggy: I can understand people who work or live for a time outside of Canada, but you never chose Canada until you decided you wanted to be Prime Minister. You never had a good work to say about Canada in all your adult life living elsewhere. You sir, are disingenuous and Canadians know it.


  7. I think the debates, like the last debates will be heavily biased and torqued to the coalition side. It's important to remember that these are controlled by the media consortium. The media consortium that includes the CBC, CTV, Glowball, etc. Any fair minded person would say that these media outlets have been anything but fair and balanced in their reportage, and I don't expect the debates to be any different. There will be all kinds of "gotcha"moments directed at PM Harper while they soft peddle Iggo and his coalition comrades. Not to mention that it will be a 4 on 1, the 3 coalition partners and one of their media pimps "hosting". No matter how well PM Harper deflects the coalitions, and the "moderaters" co-ordinated attacks, the media will declare American Iggo the winner. The debates will be nothing more then the continuing media campaign to insert the the Inserted Liberal leader into the PMO.

  8. Debate Question

    If Harper were to only win a minority Government will the opposition respect the will of the people or:

    a)Will the 3 opposition parties visit the Governor General and try to persuade him to allow them to form Government thus avoiding an election, because they have lost the confidence of the Government?

    b) Vote down the thrown speech and, see a)

    c) Vote down the budget and, see a)

    I just want to cover all my bases

  9. I think they should bring someone in from usa to do the moderatetion that way we have someone whos from out of the country and it will be alot more fair. or we could have the cbc and ezra levant moderate that way it will be fair and ezra can then out smart the cbc.

  10. As Ontario, B.C. and Alberta are now under-represented in Ottawa, will each MP vote YES to representation by population and correct this so "democracy" can be restored?

  11. It bothers me that this is all about knock out punches. It kind of ensures they will be going for cheap one liners for the evening news.

  12. The Blue Book says:

    "In this election, Canadians will choose between principled leadership and opportunism; between a stable government and a reckless coalition; between a low-tax plan for jobs and growth and a high-tax agenda that will stall our recovery, kill jobs, and set you and your family back. It’s a clear choice, a real choice – and it couldn’t be more important".

    Iggy had a choice, refute the coalition by getting the NDP to sign an annulment agreement - otherwise the current agreement remains in force until June 30th. Iggy had two years but didn't get it done.

    Jack had a choice, support the 2011 budget then later vote non confidence in the Government if they so desired - no he wanted to go for it now to force the Liberals to honour the 2008 Coalition Agreement. Jack didn't get it done for Canadians

    Gilles had a chiuce - continue to work with the Federal Government to get things done for Quebecers - instead he concluded that he could really screw Canada if he can hold the Conservatives to a minority - Gilles didn't get it done and one hopes he pays dearly at the polls

    (And what's with Gilles always complainiung that Canada wants Quebec on its knees? At a minimum it's a rude comment and an insult to all Canadians including Quebecers) The fact that Jack and Iggy don't call him on this is another - they didn't get it done!

    stephen p

  13. In my opinion, only the Conservatives are limiting their promises to moderate spending. In particular, most new programs hinge upon future deficit reductions. All opposition parties will raise income from taxpayers or corporations thus reducing the growth potential of our economy. Governments must not choose to spend our money on our behalf all of the time. Private indivividuals should be able to spend as much of their own incomes as they can; whether it is to reduce personal debt or if it is to grow their families and households.

    The big advantage that the Conservatives have is their concern for future debt requirements considering that fewer income earners will be paying for Old Age incomes and for enormous costs associated with Health Care.

    Don't tell me that Conservatives don't care. That ought to be the big debate question.

  14. Do lots of people actually watch the debates? I don't seem to remember it being some big ratings festival. I think the big deal about the debates is the clips it provides to journos and also it's kind of the beginning of the end of the campaign. In other words I think the chances of the debates leading to some huge shift is very very very small.

  15. A lot of different threads have people saying Iggy ,Jack, Jilles should "sign" this promise or that promise. Think about it I would not accept a signature from any of the three stooges "if it was signed in their one blood". THEY ARE LIARS folks accept that as a fact when they say anything.

    Rob C

  16. Ignatieff didn't look very good today when a reporter asked him about the 6& for heath care. He actually was fumbling the question. So far he has been getting a soft ride. Hopefully the debate will be serious questions about their platforms and i predict Iggy will tank. Mansbridge did say that this time they will be allowed notes. Thats because the count will need them. I hope the so called debate isn't all about fluff like ethics and democracy or crap like that to let the guy off the hook. A good question would be his parmacare that isn't even budgeted for Canadians should charge him with contempt. I am sure he will be given the questions before the debate too. The media are pathetic snakes slithering through the grass.

  17. I agree with Anon above about Iggo getting the questions before hand. The way the media has behaved so far in this election, openly campaigning for the Libs and Separatists and doing their best to destroy the Conservatives, it would not surprise me at all if this "debate" was a pre- co-ordinated smash and grab with PM Harper the victim and Iggo and his coalition pals getting a complete free ride. When ever the media is involved you know it's not going to be fair, and you know the media will help out Iggo as much as possible.