Saturday, April 2, 2011

Election 2011 Week One Nickname Contest

In the near future I would like to run a webpoll of the most appropriate nickname for week 1 of the 2011 federal election campaign. Something like Media Gone Wild or Running From The Front. Your suggestions are very welcome on short blurbs to recap the 1st week. The CBC: Your Moral Vote Compass. There are many different ways to spin the CBC vote compass telling 3/4 of Canadians they are liberals. CBC Vote Compass: Everybody Love Liberals. CBC Vote Compass: Where Have All The NDP Votes Gone?

Aside from the far far right spectrum placement of the Conservative Party, the other big news item about the CBC vote compass is that an overwhelming majority of NDP supporters take the test and told they are Liberal or Green, even when they stick exactly to the NDP platform. That's a big story.


  1. CBC should take that site down. We should also email the ombudsman about this very biased behaviour by the CBC.

  2. Weak Won: Building the Coalition Camel

  3. Consider the source who set this thing up and in collaboration with the right hand of the Liberal party that would be the CBC & CTV, Star, National Post hosts and all their snotties who back them up. We all know who they are.
    Not surprising.
    Hurry up SUN TV.

  4. Iffy at it again, still.
    NDP promoted a moto change, Iffy campaigns on it...... but this fact remains:

    "..In fact, the Arctic's newly expanded place in Canada's political landscape can be largely attributed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.
    (note- at the time, Lib leader Bill Graham scoffed 'the Russians are not coming')
    Major commitments to assert Canada's Arctic sovereignty and to enhance northern infrastructure were a centrepiece of the Conservative's 2006 election campaign,
    and are ranked high in Tory accomplishments being listed by Harper and other Conservative candidates during this election...."

  5. The big news is the leftards want Layton to lead the coalition. That has to feel like a kick in the nuts to Iggy!

  6. As a suggestion for a web poll lets see how many people want to see Kate and Kathy take on Man Tracker!

  7. Jack Layton should take up Rick Mercer's offer and challenge Ignatieff to a one on one debate..
    the winner gets to lead the Coalition!

    Come on Jack,
    you want to be PM, knock Iffy out of the race.

  8. How about: Don't look at the coalition behind that curtain."

    Rick G

  9. 'Much ado about nothing.'

    'Parliament was more wild than this election. And that's not saying much...'

  10. I've been keeping track of the media narratives since the election was forced, mainly CBC and CTV, Terry (Trenchcoat) Melewski, Bob( girly man) Fife, and Lisa ( pooping puffin) LaPhlegm. The contrast is sickening so beware... PM Harper and the Conservative campaign is described as... 'angry", "like a pitbull on a cat", "a coalition monkey on his back", "staging scenes with ordinary families", "a liar", "recycling ideas", "mired in ethics trouble", "not pleased to answer questions", "tightly controlled campaign", furious about answering questions", " running from alleged abuses of democracy", "vilifying the Separatists", "isolating Quebec", "twisting facts about coalition", "the out-going PM", "welcome to NFLD anything but warm", "choreographed stops", "lifeless and flat", "can't be trusted", " PM didn't have a good week", and this conjured gem from Fife, shared with the NDP... "Conservative campaign has something wrong with it, not sure what it is, but I get the sense something is wrong". As for the media portrayal of Iggo and the Liberanos- "comfortable", "refreshed", " good to go', up beat", "on track", very confident", so highly educated", "crowds are responding", on his game", "like Lester Pearson, but without the Nobel Peace prize... yet", Salivating for a debate", "wants to bring better day care", "feasting on the idea of a debate", "open and accessible", "very, very comfortable'". Quite the nauseating contrast, but of course "no bias".