Sunday, April 24, 2011

NDP Amateurs

Well finally the Liberals came out to take some shots at the NDP, and their line of attack is to label the NDP as amateurs (though I would hardly call the Ignatieff regime professional). It really begs the question, if the surging NDP are amateurs, what does that make the struggling Liberals? Iggy is now calling Team Layton novices and fiscally irresponsible, which will be an interesting awkwardness if there is a Tory minority and the two conspire to vote down the throne speech. Can they co-exist after attacking each other? The NDP can demand Iggy show up to vote in the House of Commons as a term of their agreement, provided such an agreement ever takes place.


  1. I laughed out loud yesterday when I saw the press release from the Liberal campaign labeling the NDP platform as fiscally irresponsible.

    Like Kelly McParland said yesterday, The Liberals need to look in the mirror.

  2. this report just in,

    Ignatieff would work with Layton in a NDP-led arrangement:

  3. Any competition between the Liberal Party and the NDP is about which is more socialist, and in answer it is a toss up. Being more of a classical liberal, I resent them calling themselves liberal since they represent big centralised government controlling what people do, eat or think, excessive taxation, anti-freedom and free enterprise. Add to all that their corruption and dishonesty and it is not a pretty picture.

  4. I still hope that the blue Liberals wiil see the far left tilt of their party as I did as a former Liberal. Lester Pearson once said that his party was socialist "but they move at it more slowly".

    If that wasn't a heads up I do not know what else is. It took a lot of years beyond hearing that quote for me to look beyond the leader and see the philosophy behind a party. In those days socialists wanted to nationalise every company. What do they stand up for today?

    Actually, they may even deny that heritage, but not deep down.