Saturday, April 23, 2011

Was Iggy's Biggest Mistake Giving NDP A Free Ride?

Today's poll question; do you think it was a mistake for Ignatieff to give the NDP a free ride in this election? Throughout much of this campaign the Liberal attack machine has focused squarely on the Conservatives, while their leader is reluctant to say anything bad about the Dippers. Layton meanwhile scored the best punch of the debates on Iggy's poor attendance in the House of Commons, and even released an ad about how Iggy rarely shows up for work. The result is that the NDP is now overtaking the Liberals in national polling, and Jack is suddenly being thrust into the spotlight.

I understand that the Liberals want to play nice with the NDP in the event they form government after voting down the throne speech, but at this rate they had better start taking shots or they risk a devastating exodus on their left flank which is already in progress.


  1. Ignatieff's biggest mistake was in not encouraging Bob Rae, Ed Broadbent and others to hold talks on merging the Liberal and NDP parties. Had he brought that off, the talk of coalition would be off the table. There would be Conservatives, Liberal Newer Brighter Democrats and the Bloc. (I set aside the Greens....).

  2. His biggest mistake?

    It happened when one of the "Rosedale Gang" called him up and they said "Mike; We have a proposition for you." and then he didn't hang up on them.

  3. This underlines the problem with progressives. They promote the idea of equality for all. Yet when reality sets in that how on earth is a Coalition of Liberals and NDP going to treat each other as equals? …then we start to see how the whole notion of equality is utopian.


  4. With Count Ziffy MIA's gaffe a minute political history it is really really difficult to pick the biggest boo boo he committed. I personally think that his getting jiggy with the coalition of losers on Peter Pansbridge interview ranks right up there.

  5. I think it is difficult to blame the Liberals for giving the NDP a free ride because the rise of the NDP in the polls is a surprise to all of us I think and not just the Liberals.

  6. Hmmm the Counts biggest mistake? Coming back to Canada, like some kinda weird, way past his best date, home coming Queen. It all kinda went "south" after that.
    Giving Jack a free ride kinda reminded this old guy of the story of the frog and the scorpion.
    The frog gives the scorpion a ride over a river after he promises good behavior, but when he gets to the other side the scorpion stings him. Before he dies he asks the scorpion how he could do such a thing? The scorpion says "well you knew I was a scorpion. What did you expect?
    Cheers Bubba

  7. I think Gilles scared Quebec voters last weekend.

  8. Quebec makes up for about 24% of the total vote (seat wise). The bloc normally accounts for roughly 10% with the other 3 parties sharing the rest.
    I have been keeping my own graph of Nano polls.
    Yes the NDP is taking points away from the Bloc (adding something like 2-3%) however nationally they are eating Iggys lunch and poaching a few % from the CPC. This coming week will see the Libs,CPC and Bloc gang tackling Jacko ( I wonder if the liberal friendly MSM join in?)

  9. Iffy's biggest mistake in this campaign (shared by the libluvin media and Lib supporters) was thinking the majority of Canadians are Harper-haters like them;
    thusly Canadians would be less scared of an 'arrangement' than they were of a Harper majority.

    Iffy Libs were going to gain enough seats (even 10 or so) to legitimize his coalition of losers power seizing,
    and all would be well in the Enchanted Forest.

    Iffy/media never considered Jack winning enough seats to form the Official Opposition...PM Layton, nah.
    Many in the media scoffed, as did Duceppe and Iffy in the debates.... 'you'll never be PM Jack'
    Well looky now Ducey and Iffy!

  10. I agree with "Anonymous at 4:36". In the first week or two of the campaign the NDP seemed lacklustre, just phoning it in. Pundits even opined that they might lose seats. I don't recall anybody predicting the "surge" they appear to be having ... I put it in quotes because I'm still not convinced that they're really surging. The only thing thing we know for sure yet about the 2011 election campaign is that it isn't going anywhere near as well for the Liberals as they they thought it would.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha

    his biggest mistake was letting the orange leader surpass him so far in French in a province where the red team's brand is fading

    hee hee hee hee hee hee