Thursday, April 7, 2011

RCMP "Restricting Access" To Tory Events

Yesterday the RCMP announced that they have been actively restricting access to Conservative tour stops, begging the question who escorted Iggy's Facebook friend out of the London event? Was it an over-zealous party supporter, or a plain clothed police officer? There have been accusations among the punditry that this now infamous incident was perpetrated by a party "heavy", which may have been premature. There was talk from the beginning that the RCMP was involved, but that it was unclear how much. The next day the RCMP apologized for multiple "incidents", but did not fully clarify which "incidents" they participated in.

The young lady who was asked to leave the event got her 15 minutes of fame. The Liberals even made an internet attack ad about the incident before we even knew what role the RCMP may or may not have played. Iggy jumped all over it before we really knew much about what happened, and the media played into his hand. CTV News Channel showed an interview with the student about 20 times Tuesday night. The story about the Liberal white supremacist tossed from the ballot did not receive nearly as much coverage on the network. We shall see how this tale of two news stories evolves in the next week. The televised debates cannot come fast enough! There will be one on one debates during the main debates, so all those detractors claiming Harper is ducking Iggy can shut up. They will debate one on one.


  1. Seeing some of the comments from Liberal supporters about what they would like to do to the PM and his MP's, I'm glad that the RCMP is there to keep things safe. Some of those Liberal whacko's are pretty scary.

  2. I thought Gov't could not direct the police. Remember the heat Mike Harris took when it was thought he directed the police in Ipperwash. Imagine the spin if it was found out that Harper was over-ruling the police. The headline would read "HARPER NOW CONTROLLING OUR RCMP"

  3. In today's presser, Iggy referred to the London girl as: "getting up on her hind legs". The idionm dictionary defines this as: "to get angry and assertive. (Alludes to the action of a horse when it is excited or frightened.)"

    Anyway, where did Iggy get the impression that this girl was "angry and assertive" ? It also seems kind of disrespectful to use "hind legs" when referring to a human being.

    I dunno, maybe I'm making too big of a deal out of it, but the use of this phrase by Iggy seemed inaccurate and out of place.

    Calgary Junkie

  4. Just to give my own experience on this kind of thing:

    In 2008, Rob Anders' campaign manager gave me a phone number to call, so that I could attend Harper's election day rally at the Telus convention centre. I phoned the number, and so got my name put onto the "attendee" list.

    When I showed up, the guy at the desk asked for one piece of identification, which I produced, then he found my name on the list, and crossed it off. Meanwhile, there was what looked like an undercover officer nearby, and kindly asked me to check my coat in. So I did, and it all went smoothly and respectfully.

  5. I have never seen such a nothing event gets such over the , blown up coverage by the media. it was CBC Terry Mileski's lead question to PM Harper for 4 days. I think they are disturbed, because they would like to see a Gail Shea, Ralph Klein, pie in the face directed at PM Harper
    Another thing, I believe this was to take the focus off of the counts bogus budget that the figures don't add up and an attemp at throwng PM Harper of track. Just wait till all their dirty tricks appear at the debates. bet Iggy gets all the questions in advance.