Monday, April 18, 2011

"Harper Demands More Time In Power"

That's one way of describing a bid for re-election in the latest Liberal attack ad, which attacks the Prime Minister personally above simple policy. Didn't Ignatieff say they only make ads about policy, not about Harper demanding more time in power while destroying anyone who stands in his way. So much for the Liberals being above such things, instead they are resorting to lies and fear mongering to try and prevent a Tory majority. At this point, a Liberal minority victory is virtually impossible. These desperation moves are just a vain attempt to block a stable majority government. Iggy was even saying on Sunday that the Tories are running a campaign of fear, meanwhile the Liberals have been fear mongering since they forced this early election.


  1. Sun TV launches in 5 minutes, their website says you can watch it here:

  2. SUN TV first political commercial during Ezra's show......Stephen Harper will destroy Health Care...11 billion hole LOL!

    How much did the Liberals pay to sponsor Ezra's show.

  3. Why don't they have the live stream on?? Why put the button on there and then not use it? This sucks, I can't get it on tv hear.

  4. Hilarious that they put the ad on Sun. Surely they could have put their ad dollars to use where their audience is? The wheels are falling off! LOL

  5. They have to show this ad a few times so they can tear it apart later.

  6. "Harper Demands More Time In Power"

    That phrase is soooooo dumb. Only a child would be impressed with it.

    But that's what happens when your campaign strategists drink too much of their own kool-aid. They lose perspective. They forget how typical voters see things.

    And I think such perspective can be the difference between winning and losing an election,

  7. WTF- yeah i thought that was a riot!I heard the commercial and message is noted.Im still going PC on May 2.
    While the liberals continue to attack, The Conservatives stay on the message and what we can do for the country as a whole INCLUDING Quebec.I just dont see the point of funding the Bloc.Let them get their support monies from their supporters ,no?


  8. I am another who is rejoicing in being able to watch Sun News. Such a breath of fresh air in being able to get real news and balanced reporting instead of propaganda. I admit to finding these dishonest and tasteless Liberal ads that are being run on Sun News more than a bit annoying. I however understand that it is no reflection on Sun News, but I do wonder why there seem to be only Liberal ads there.

  9. Well spend spend spend Iffy,
    just tickled the LPC sponsored the bashing of the CBC.

    oh, and they ran Iffy's RISE UP (mockingly) a couple of times.... haha