Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gas Taxes

Today's poll question; do you think government should reduce taxes on gasoline as prices soar? In British Columbia many were paying $1.40 per litre on Sunday, and a chunk of that is the Liberal carbon tax. Would newly minted BC Premier Christy Clark consider reducing or eliminating the carbon tax? What about a reduction in federal sales tax on gasoline? This could be a winning political issue for any party who embraces it, because there are a lot of regular Canadians out there right now complaining about the price at the pumps. In BC we have the Liberals to thank for a carbon tax that is sucking drivers dry. The federal Liberals are hitching their wagon to cap and trade, which is only going to increase costs. Canada is an oil rich nation, we should probably expand our refining capacity.


  1. I know that reducing gas taxes is attractive.
    High gas prices demonstrate what would happen with cap and trade.
    It's not an issue with much upside.
    The liberals will never reduce gas taxes.
    And if the conservatives did they would get attacked by them like they did when they cut the gst.
    Liberals trotting out former PMs is unseemly.
    It reeks of desperation and tells me that they are looking to mitigate losses by speaking to their base.
    Paul Martin is worse than Chretien on this one.
    I saw him on tv today and he was still fighting the 2004 and 2006 elections.
    I hope people will see this for what it is.

    Hey Paul, remember that super majority that the press was predicting for you after your finally won your battle against Chretien?
    That was you believing your own press.
    You lost twice when you got a minority in your first election and lost the government in your second.
    Now bugger off, go build houses for Habitat and stop tarnishing your parliamentary legacy further.

  2. reduce gas taxes and start building a pipe line from alberta to ontario. create jobs and increase the use of canadian oil in canada. have a price for canada that is below the world price and charge world price for all our oil exports as we do now. old white guy

  3. First of all, gas prices are a Provincial jurisdiction. Bringing it up only confuses a lot
    of folks who do not understand constitutional divisions of power.
    Having said that, I am getting worried that the Premier in B.C. is acting more and more like a Federal Liberal. Killing the carbon tax in B.C. would certainly boost our economy and build job making business.
    But, I don't expect Christie to do anything but smile and curtsy for the cameras.
    melwilde from kelowna

  4. There should be no taxes on essentials and fuel is an essential in today's society.

  5. The whole point of a carbon tax is to "price" the emissions and to act as a deterrent against driving more. A carbon tax is doing what it's supposed to be doing during times of high fuel prices.

  6. Kristy's "Family Friendly" policies require money. That "Cap and tax" on fuel won't go away. They need that money to push the "Family Friendly" agenda.