Monday, April 18, 2011

Duceppe: Tory Majority Bad For Separation

Gilles Duceppe has been telling the crowds in Quebec that a Conservative majority government would make it more difficult for Quebec to separate, and that a minority coalition would be the best thing for the separatist movement. Did everyone else in Canada hear that loud and clear? A Conservative majority government is the best case scenario for Canadian unity. Meanwhile Iggy was in Vancouver on Sunday talking about how sometimes the Bloc Quebecois have good ideas. Conservative majority great for national unity, a brilliant insight from the Quebec separatists. I would accuse the Bloc of having a secret agenda, but their agenda is hidden in plain sight.

The stakes are too high. Vote Conservative.


  1. Why do I think that only Sun News will field that comment?

  2. Because they are a relevant newsworthy entity.
    The others and we know who they are - represent all the bias anyone could want, however that's what everyone was concerned about - balanced views!
    And now we have them. Watched some of the segments this evening and the only criticism I could hear was that there were a lot of women with short skirts.
    "Is that all you've got! Total stupidity from the left as always.

  3. More women,shorter skirts and lower necklines.
    I'm a guy and I'm straight.
    Oh dear I'm a knuckle dragging neanderthal.

  4. From the looks of things the lefties at Libogs are avoiding SunNews subject totally. They must be scared of the truth. I also notice that most of them have turned their attention toward the NDP.