Monday, April 4, 2011

Jack Be Nimble

As we begin the second week of the campaign, I'd like to send my best wishes to Jack Layton. May you be in great health, running a strong campaign, and may you win back that 3% you lost to the Liberals in week one. Canadians are tired of minority governments, so we need a strong Jack Layton to help deliver a majority. Monday's rolling Nanos poll has the Tories up to 42% and the Liberals at 28%, which is majority territory. It looks like the Liberals lost a few votes to the Conservatives on the weekend. When the Tories are at 40%, the Liberals at 30%, and the NDP at 17%, that still projects to a few seats shy of a majority. 40%, 28%, 19% is majority territory. May the force be with you Jack!


  1. The fireside "Kumbaya" sing-a-long will be seen as positive. Most Canadians are saying "why"? Are the MSM deliberatley sabotaging his election chances? What's next, Canadian Idol tryouts. Cheers.

  2. As a "Libertarian" shouldn't you be supporting the Libertarian party? Here is their latest video - which I like:


    If you don't have a sign...why not???

  4. If Jack wants the youth vote he has to learn some gaga tunes.