Monday, April 25, 2011

Campaign Vandalism

For years the Conservatives have been the victims of relentless campaign vandalism, but it isn't a national story until it starts happening to Liberals. Now suddenly Carolyn Bennett's frowning face is being paraded as the unfortunate victim to the same kind of vandalism that Tories face every election. Welcome to the daily grind of Conservative candidates. While we should all condemn vandalism against both sides, forgive me if I don't cry any tears for Carolyn Bennett. On this matter, the victim card is falling on deaf ears.


  1. A sign I personally hammered into frozen ground was snapped in two. I'll try to get a picture of the wooden stump. Not sure if it will still be there.

  2. I thought the Joe Volpre story would be on The National tonight. Nada.
    Carolyn Bennet had brake lines cut and washable white paint (conveniently) on a fench in the last election. Her constituents really sympathized with her and votes went up(Originally she was losing)Now this time around this happens in her riding again.Wonder if votes will go up this year?

  3. I was out for 3 hours today on the Conservative sign trail. Two large signs had the metal posts bent right over ... must have been the strong wind. Two other large signs were missing with the posts still standing. The signs were later found about 4 Kks away at the edge of a swamp ... again it was probably a strong wind. Sign vandalism and theft only happens to Liberals.

  4. Gee,I guess I'd better go out and throw a couple of rocks through the window of the local candidate I favour!

    What bullshit! ALL candidates have signs vandalized. Here in my riding in Kelowna,I've seen all candidates signs,except the Greens,vandalized.
    The reason the Greens signs haven't been knocked over is probably because there are so few of them, the other candidates signs outnumber the Greens by about five to one.

    Most vandalized signs are the NDP,but again those are the most numerous signs. The NDP federally usually finished a distant third here,so it's pretty hard to claim the Conservatives are afraid of losing votes to them.

    This election has to rank as having the most childish tactics of any in the last fifty years. No bloody wonder so many people don't bother to vote.

  5. I'm one of the sign guys in my riding. I've had to fix and/or replace in excess of 50 of them. The whining from the Libs needs a wahmbulance.


  6. I remember when Sarmite Boulte for the Liberals tried to say the Militant Christians had fire-bombed her house over the abortion issue.
    She told this to Michael coren on his Tv show, but the truth was that the Fire-Dept. answered many calls for the punks that fired May 24 fireworks flares into the night sky where the hot glowing flare balls landed on roof tops.

    She was never called on it nor did she have the guts to admit she used the Abortion issues for Political gains and tied in those bad Christians that torched her house.
    As opposed to the bad Christians like Trudeau who embraced castro and Communism, or Paul Martin who hides his wealth off-shore so us poor people pay his health care bill and pension.
    Liberals should just tell the truth, they don't think that Catholics are Christians so that's why they attack harper and western Christians since catholics have nothing to do with christ.

  7. This is very sad for Canada.

  8. @ dmorris
    you said it
    this has to be one of the most childish elections being run by the Liberals. Not so much the NDP they've been up front on the coalition and stuff.
    That may change now that the spotlight is being shone on them in terms of policy and financials.

    Head over to Kinsella's blog and check out some of the rabid postings of the coming apocalypse also known as a Conservative majority.

    Wow there are some really looney tune people out there

  9. wow, liberals and ndp vandalizing their own signs. what do you make of that?

  10. In my riding only liberal and ndp signs get vandalized. Very strange. I wish it would all just stop. If you want to help out your guy GO AND VOLUNTEER. Pissed off? VOLUNTEER. Get involved. Drive people to the polls, help with signs etc.

  11. My belief is that signs do not belong on Public Property.