Monday, April 4, 2011

Ignatieff = Trudeau 2.0?

Do you think that the current leader of the Liberal Party is the next Pierre Trudeau? Because John Ibbitson at the Globe and Mail is treating Red Book 2011 as though it is the glorious path back to "Trudeauville". By that he must mean massive increases in spending on social programs and higher taxation to pay for it. That's what Pierre Trudeau's legacy means to me, more spending and more taxes. Granted I don't remember much from his time in office, as he finally stepped down as Prime Minister before my 5th birthday. My memories of Bob Rae's Ontario are much more vivid and intense.
Last week a colleague at work asked me who would have to be Liberal leader for me to consider voting for them. I said that Bob Rae was the worst case scenario, but my favourite ex-Liberal is John Manley. For the record Manley was on TV after the writ dropped saying he supported the budget and it is ridiculous that we are having an election.


  1. If you mean by Trudeauville..... arrogance, promise breaking, uncontrolled spending, increased seperatist feelings (only this time in Alberta), saying one thing then doing exactly the opposite (see wage and price controls and gasoline exise taxes)and general "fuddle duddle" then ya I can see that!

  2. For iggy to get elected to lead a coalition or even a minority, all those in his caucus have to get re-elected. That is his problem, as most of them were there during adscam and we remember them. Too bad the goodales, mccallums, fry, and others don't realize they are the problem and no leader will win with them around.

  3. I'm not sure that Ibbitson was necessarily waxing nostalgic. The penultimate sentence would seem to support this.

  4. Iggy is Trudeau without the charm.

  5. Trudeau was a Bolshevik. The Count is a White Russian - big difference. Maybe he's having such a hard time because he's not enough of a Bolshevik for Trudeau's Liberal party.

  6. Ignatieff can be better compared to Barack Obama than Trudeau. He's a political tourist,just doesn't have the backing Barry has/had.

    Trudeau was a well experienced politician and communist who stole the Liberal Party and coasted for a few years on the rep of Pearson, Uncle Louis,and Mac. By the time we figured out what a f***ing Red he really was,the damage had already been done.

    Intellectually, Trudeau was way ahead of Iggy,who seems unable to leave his academic fantasy world. Trudeau was a feet-on-the-ground communist Nation stealer, a practical SOB.

    Fortunately, his son,Justin, is just another mediocrity,and unless he hires Obama's oratory instructors,we shouldn't have to worry about him ever gaining the PM's office.


  7. To add a bit to your comment maryT

    For iggy to get elected to lead a coalition or even a minority, all those in his caucus have to get re-elected,
    AND stand up and vote for a coalition government with the NDP and the Bloc.

    Iffy and Jack may want a coalition,
    but it is the MPs that vote confidence of the House.

    That is why every Lib and NDP MP must be asked by their constituents for a promise they will not sign on, again.