Tuesday, April 5, 2011


There seemed to be some shock in the media today that security screening takes place at our Prime Minister's public events, which even includes screening Facebook pages. It makes sense to me why the RCMP or CSIS would screen people attending events with the leader of our country, it even makes sense to look at Facebook pages for any signs of a predisposition to violence. But I don't think simply being Iggy's friend on Facebook is itself justification to get tossed. You need a better reason. If somebody visited her Facebook page and saw her picture next to Ignatieff, that can't be in and of itself a reason to bounce a student from the event. It would make sense if someone like Scott Reid wrote of Stephen Harper on his Facebook page "kill him, kill him dead", then yes, he should be shown the door.

Certainly the PM is not to blame if this student in London was tossed by police and security personnel. There is no way he micro manages on that level, no matter how much of a control freak his opponents accuse him being. I'll be interested to see if we find out more about this story in the next few days. It is a fact that the volume of people attending these tour stops is greater for the Tories than all the other parties combined. There are limited spots to see the Prime Minister speak, and a lot of demand to attend. Was this event at capacity? Were any party members waiting outside for a chance to get in? The Liberals and the NDP don't care who attends because they are desperate for people.


  1. "The Liberals and the NDP don't care who attends because they are desperate for people." Actually, Liberals don't care who attends their events because we believe in an open and free democracy where you can listen to and support other opinions. And I attended the Michael Ignatieff event when he visited London before Harper and there were over 500 people in the room with another 250 sitting outside just to get a chance to listen to him speak and answer questions.

    Also, what's your opinion on plagiarism? Because your leader and party obviously have no problem stealing some one else's work and claiming it as their own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGXGwr3nr7g&feature=player_embedded

  2. I am hoping we have a very large "conservative" crowd at Bingeman's in Kitchener on Friday. I think a PM should be vetting the crowd in todays climate...I will be there...photo ID in hand and looking forward to our very capable PM giving a crowd pleasing speech.

  3. I wouldn't talk if I were you about plagerism the liberals masterd that. stealing all the allaince and conservatives policies back in the days my friend and putting them into there campaign promises.

  4. That is just weak, LiberalsRule. No sane individual believes that Ignatieff has no security measures in place and just anyone can "show up". I have no doubt he is a good speaker, but so is President Obama, and that has not worked out like you lefties thought it would. And the bit about how a campaign ad "looks similar" to another campaign ad? What a joke. Harper and Ignatieff both sometimes wear suits and ties, are they identical? Give your head a shake and try again.

  5. oh and bye the way our pm body guard had his life thretened to. so they were being careful and face book is a great oppertunity to stalk someone. also at least the conservatives didn't punch or Elbow a Pregnent Journalist in the stomach... so everytime you bring up something on harper we can counter attack with something worse on ignatieff.

  6. errr sorry our pm had his life threatend so the body guards were just being carefull and we don't even know if they were students they could have been plants to boo harper while there. not like ignatieff don't screen there people I bet if I went to him with a conservative flag they would not let me in. instead they attack journalists.

  7. Truth be told , I am more afraid of the media than I am of any political party. The MSM is unaccountable especially the CBC. You can vote out a politcal party .

  8. here's the big thing you seem to be missing.

    harper, himself, may not have kicked the little girl out of his rally, but for the vast majority of us who don't buy the kool-aid, he did.

    it's getting ugly for the chess master. it seems like the secret to harpo's game was dion. problem is that dion's out of the game.

    wait for the leader's debate. iggy will HAMMER asthmatic steve.

    won't be long now iceman.

    ps. get a grip!( and a job ) how old are you? iceman is the pseudonym? really?

  9. This is what happens when you have an unneccessary election about NOTHING.
    Iffy and Jack have nothing else to talk about so they bitch and nit pick.

    Iffy and Donolo are running a losers campaign.
    Dump you dud of a platform early,
    spend the rest of the election trying to screw up the other guy.

    The media are just loving it.
    They hate Harper and now they have their chance to damage his campaign.

    The CPC will have to get the message out thru social media and local media.

  10. wilson is shitting herself! love it!

  11. hay liberalsrules check out paulstuffs website you will see plagerism and then we can ask you hows it feel to have a leader who plagerizes

  12. @LIBERALSRULE free and open Democracy eh? why wont Iggy explain his meeting with the "Human Rights Killer" in the interest of a Free & open Democracy & all.


    And on the topic of plagiarism please explain why Iggy Copied Obama's ad?


  13. Ralley's today in Quebec..Ignatieff...less then 100...PM Harper...over 1000. In Montreal PM Harper had more people then in the Mulroney days when he got his majority.Ignatieff is unhinged and hanging onto his CBC media digging up BS to take the focus off of his tax and spend budget that doesn't add up. Iggy said he got his figures from the Conservatives budget. You know, the one they took the Govt. down on for contempt because they didn't believe the figures. Thats RICH. PM Harper had a bomb scare at 24 sussex two weeks ago. He isn't a no body like replaceable Iggy from the US. Harper is the PM of Canada. Iggys body guards elbow a pregnant reporter when she didn't throw him his fluff questions. Not reported. Ignatieff is a Mary Poppins poet...of some sort. His answers to reporters is so off the wall with nonsence, trying to fool the public. PM harper will wipe the floor with this loony in a debate. Too bad it won't be a real one with the biasd media running it and all the coalition will be there squaking their brains out. Canadians are just salivating for May 2nd to see the Russian Count reduced to Kim Campbell seats. BTW...where Bob Rae??
    Ontario Girl

  14. AS usual, the MSM left important details out about this:



    "Concerns over security at recent London rallies weren't confined to Tory events.

    When Ignatieff was here last week, the RCMP got physical with two Free Press reporters, even elbowing a pregnant reporter in the stomach. Told she was pregnant, the male Mountie said: "That's what you get for rushing a bodyguard."

    ANd Liberals only care about an open democracy when you agree with them. Otherwise they shout you out, or try to.

  15. ‘Damn right’ the Liberals will ‘raise taxes’!

    Love this new CPC truth ad:
    Thanks Mr Apps


  16. Personally, I think ejecting the girl because of a Facebook page was pretty stupid, and Harper should have set things straight, but sh_t happens in the heat of battle.

  17. Those new ads must be great, the liberals are falling over themselves trying to attack them.

    Plagarized? Why, because they both used a flag?
    Different country's flags of course...

    Better go back and read the liberal bible again, Self Loathing For Dummies.

  18. From reading the at the London Free Press its seems that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Soudas apologized and offered to have this girl meet the PM when he was back in town.

    This election seems like Parliament has been for the past number of years, a bunch of stories about trivia. Events blown out of proportion

    about the facebook story here is a quote from the paper "Aslam is assuming the Conservatives checked her name, from her registration, on Facebook." Yes the girl is assuming this, nothing about it being fact. It could be any number of things, time will tell

    Rob West Ottatwa

  19. Just another in a long list of media hysterics, manufacturing the narrative trying to set the agenda of the election. Putting the PM on the defensive for something he has no control over, while putting American Igg in the spotlight as the "good guy", with a media invitation to attack PM Harper and have some real good sound bites. The media really are a pack of lying jackals.

  20. harper, himself, may not have kicked the little girl out of his rally, but for the vast majority of us who don't buy the kool-aid, he did.

    A "little girl"? Goes to show you the contempt the left has for women. These are not little girls, but women with clear political bents, willing to disrupt events to grind their ideological axes.

    Just about every nasty and vile thing the Liberals claim Conservatives do as a matter of course is actually the touchstone of their party. I believe the technical term is "projection."

  21. For more info on those poor students, please read http://blackrod.blogspot.com/