Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jack Layton, Rise Up, Rise Up!

With the leaders debates in our rear view mirrors, it is becoming increasingly clear that Jack Layton was among the big winners, as the NDP has risen back from the brink. The NDP had fallen below 15% prior to the debates, and now find themselves back in 19% range. While Iggy is furiously screaming rise up, rise up at his townhall meetings, the one rising is Layton, not Ignatieff. Today Iggy is hosting a lovefest with Paul Martin and Ujjal Dosangh in Vancouver and I was thinking about showing up but didn't want to pay the cover charge. Paulie M must still have the "midas touch", because the Liberals are charging $20 to get into this event (where you need to book ahead to gain admission).

There's a bad moon on the rise!


  1. You mean you have to pay to see iggy, just like one had to pay for a lousy breakfast at the Calgary Stampede.
    Maybe he has to raise enough money to gas up the plane to get back home.

  2. Needs it to buy his ticket back to Harvard. Plus custom duties.

  3. Just thinkin about Rise Up.

    Nothing against The Boss but why an American singer.

    I don't know what song a party would pick but Takin Care of Business would seem like a good fit for any party to pick. I'm sure there are many others but BTO is Canadian.

    It would be up to the individual party to define what Takin Care of Business means.

  4. One would think that it should be the Conservative song - after all, that's all the platform and campaign is about... quiet confidence.

  5. Wow. I guess the Paul and Iggy show ain't worth much. I donated a lot more than that to the Vancouver South Conservative EDA just to help get rid of Ujjal and I didn't even get a show.

  6. @ oxygentax,

    I hear ya but my point was more to the fact that an American singer was chosen. I'm not knocking the singer or the US. Both the NDP and Liberals have been blasting Harper for being in bed with Washington. I would think Ignatieff could have chosen a line from a song a Canadian singer did. Afterall, this is a Canadian election.

    Just another thought. The Conservative song would be fine for those who are decided voters. Would any particular party song do anything to make an undecided voter vote for that party.I don't think so but who knows.

    It's just me but I think politicians should use Canadian artists if they are going to use a line from a song.

  7. Perhaps this would have been a more appropriate song for Count Iggula.

    "I see a bad moon arisin"
    I see there's trouble on the way"
    Don't go out an vote
    Were bound to lose the seat
    Looks like Harpers on the way."

  8. I felt sorry for Dosanjh standing next to the man who gave the cheerleader for his severe beating a one-on-one interview. BTW, anyone have the tape of that?