Friday, April 8, 2011

Tories Let Protesters Into Rally

On a campaign stop in Hamilton on Thursday, a group of people protesting outside were invited into a Tory rally. The Prime Minister apologized for some people previously being denied access to events by the RCMP and is trying to be more inclusive. The Prime Minister would be advised to proceed with caution however, as this will encourage the loony left to start showing up at Tory events in greater quantity for a chance to get on TV. As the wise philosopher Jim Lahey Trailer Park Supervisor once said; "When you plant shit seeds, you get shit weeds". Consider yourselves warned, this new "let the protesters in en masse" strategy could backfire in a hurry.

Across town on the same day the leader of the Liberal Party was busy apologizing for comments made by one of his candidates that we need to show more compassion to sex offenders. The candidate will be allowed to stay on the ballot, as the Liberals continue to target the soft on crime demographic. We should be sending criminals and sexual deviants to University, not prison. This will inevitably create heaven on earth.

"Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old."

-Sir Winston Churchill


  1. That might be the strategy. If one of these rally's get out of control, it would justify there actions of removing them at earlier rally's. How it gets reported is another matter.

  2. Since these are usually hard core ideologues with the sole purpose of disrupting and no interest in a reasoned debate of ideas and issues, I also think it unwise. It seems akin to believing you can transform an Islamist terrorist and make him your friend by declaring Islam a religion of peace, etc.

  3. When you exclude people, without cause, your actions become the news. If you let them in, and they become disruptive, they become the news. Either way your message is lost but at least in the second scenerio, Harper doesn't look bad.