Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iggy's Debate Vulnerabilities

Today's poll question; where is Ignatieff most vulnerable in this week's debates? There are plenty of options to choose from; is it on the coalition, taxes, arena funding, cap and trade, poor candidate vetting, the military, law and order, flip flops, trust, or so on and so forth? Some in the media speculate that Iggy is a great debater because he out foxed Stephane Dion on stage. Congrats Mike, you beat one of the most pathetic leaders ever elected to Liberal leadership. I would include you in that group, but you were never elected Liberal leader by the rank and file. Back room coup explains your succession.

I know this is one of those polls where many would like to select multiple answers, but for simplicity sake, just tell me where you think he is most vulnerable.


  1. Did you not mean "ALL OF THE ABOVE" as that last option. I couldn't vote as a result of it not being there.

  2. cons down another point in today's nanos. libs leading everywhere except BC and the prairies. wait until after the debate, iggy will mop the floor with harper.

  3. Coalition vulnerable ? What a joke, if Ignatieff wanted to lead a coalition he'd be Prime Minister until June when the original year and a half agreement runs out. Do you people practice obtuseness, or do you think by vomiting the word coalition on the Canadian public you'll do anything more than make us look at how vile you are ? PLUS, if Harper can keep a minority going by malice and contempt for the majority of voters who have voted against him three times in a row and can't wait to vote against him in even larger numbers a fourth time, then I can easily see Mr. Ignatieff leading a minority government for at least the same amount of time, because he actually listens to what other people say.

  4. Anonymous Liberal loser did you miss the Ipsos poll, Conservatives are still locked in around 40, you knumbskull, even after a full on Anti Harper Media Hate On and Liberal Love fest your Dork for a leader is still losing.

    Your corrupt Liberal party is going to lose the getout the vote and ground fight riding by riding.

    Just saying

  5. Nanos poll is 2 days BEHIND the mood shift and only interview 400 people a night adding that night and dropping off the numbers from 3 days prior, it's a 4 day average and doesn't catch a shift, like in 2008, Nanos poll did not reflect the CPC surge until 2 days after other polsters...
    for 2 days he had the NDP collapsing, today, not so much.

  6. Iffy technically is the best debater of the 4.
    He was a TV talk show host and lectured far an wide in universities. And is fearless infront of a camera.

    Iffy is most vulnerable if he attacks PMSH with some of the nonsense coming out of his camp this week, nonsense Canadians know is nonsense
    -Liberals have always taken care of our military
    -CPC 5% cuts are 'slash and burn' politics
    -Canada's international reputation has suffered under the Harper Govt

    He keeps saying you can not trust Harper.
    But it is Iffy Canadians do not trust.

  7. Nothing makes the blood boil in Newfoundland worse than mentioning how badly they got screwed by Quebec on the Upper Churchill deal.
    There was a short term renegotiation of it that ends in 2013, then it goes back to the origianl travesty.
    If Iggy has to pay off Gilles I would suspect Newfoundland is going to get screwed worse again.

    Having Iggy beholden to the Bloc for his coalition also puts the new Lower Churchill deal of Danny's in jeopardy.

    Someone should ask both Iggy and Gilles if they have already planned on thrwoing Newfoundland under the bus.

    The cap and trade will also screw Newfoundland's oil industry, along with Saskatchewan and BC, and of course Alberta.
    There is only one liberal in Sask, but there are several in NL and BC.

    Once again, talk to older Newfoundlanders about the Upper Churchill deal and you will hear some teeth grinding.
    The Liberal/coalition are vulnerable on it.


  8. Jerry, the liberals were ten points back in the polls when the forced this election.
    They have no chance of making that up.
    It's pretty obvious they have a Plan 'C'...


    PS, don't bother reminding me of the contempt nonsense, that was pure political theatre, they could have passed a motion stating Harper was the green skinned space babe that Captain Kirk was fondling, but it wouldn't make it true.

  9. you know what? I think we can turn this whole knock-out punch attitude to our advantage. It's going to be do or die for poor old Iggy. He is going to be screaming and finger wagging and being that haughty righteous idiot. We should use that. Lead him to turn up his nose and spaz at every opportunity and sit back and smirk. Forget the knock out unless they hand it to Harper. Rope-a-dope will be better.

  10. The thing that has me wondering,is the fact that the PM and Iggy have a 4 minute one to one debate on a subject that only the media will know beforehand.Problem with that is,i know damn well it'll be a question that'll lean towards a Liberal bias.

  11. In the last Eelection ABC = Anybody but Conservatives.
    In this election ABC = Always Back Conservatives (this was another blogers idea, not mine)
    PS: it should have been "All of the above" for a choice.

    Clown Party

  12. I agree Iggy's going to come across as a complete ass in the debates no question. The thing is it doesn't matter. None of this crap matters. This election is about getting our voters to vote that is it. The Liberals keep hoping for some kind of big change after the debates. The media keeps hoping too. Once the debates are over and the polls don't move watch out for heads to explode. I predict some famous CTV or CBC personalities to get fired for some kind of over the top tirade on air.

  13. Gotta hammer them on spending. Aside from their platform and it's ~10B of spending on the "family pack", Iggy's made a number of commitments on the campaign trail that appear nowhere in the platform. Add to that the cost of constantly having to buy off either the NDP or Bloc or possibly both and who knows how high he'll have to raise not just corporate but likely consumption or possibly income taxes (maybe CPP) to pay for it all.