Friday, April 29, 2011

Vote For Public Services?

Thursday I found myself listening to Vancouver talk radio, and there was a curious commercial that did not endorse any political party, but it did take a swipe at Harper for wanting to support big banks. The message of the ad was encouraging voters to vote for more public services, an ad paid for by public employees. There was no discussion of whether to vote Liberal or NDP, just Harper bad, public services good. For full effect our public employees should have just referred people to strategic voting websites to vote for the most likely non-Conservative to pick on election day.

Some on the right are angry at Harper for increasing the size of the civil service, but if public employees are getting such a glutinous ride, why are they buying advertising time trying to defeat the Prime Minister?


  1. Because the public service has been padded over the years by the Liberals. They have filled it with leftists and socialists who are wanting easy jobs with lots of entitlements. They see Harper as any leftist does, brains has nothing to do with it.

  2. As a former public servant, I object to your comments. Many jobs in the public service are challenging and most people work hard. We conservatives must pay union dues to lefty unions, who should not really be allowed to advertise like this, especially on behalf of union members who completely disagree with them.