Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Vote For Ignatieff Is A Vote For Harper

The Liberals like to say that a vote for the NDP is a vote for Stephen Harper, but after some dramatic movements in public opinion polls, the left will have to consider voting NDP if they want to block a Conservative majority. If you had told the Liberals before their non confidence motion that they would be trailing the NDP 10 days before the election, they might have changed their minds about forcing an early vote. Ipsos has the NDP ahead of the Liberals, and Ekos has them in a tie. Two unrelated polls confirming one undeniable conclusion, the Liberals have big problems. The difference between the two polls is that Ipsos has the Tories at 43% and Graves has them at 34%.

It looks like Jack Layton can staying on the campaign trail that a vote for Ignatieff is a vote for Stephen Harper, and all left wingers should unite around his orange revolution, the only party who can stop a Tory majority.


  1. We don't have any Conservative ads in Quebec, none whatsoever ? Lots and lots of Liberal ads and a few NDP ads. What about the rest of Canada, do you have Conservative ads ?

  2. I've seen very few Con ads all election. That movie trailer one has played a little and a few of the tamer 'attack' ads.

    I wonder if they are going to go hard in the final week. My guess is that they turn on the charm and go after the people who are a little uneasy about them.

    Each election they have taken a different approach to get the next 5%.

  3. A vote for Layton is a vote for the Lay-to-waste of the economy.

    A vote for Harper is a vote for Canada.

  4. I am curious. I have always felt that in the current era the blue Liberals would feel more comfortable under the Conservative banner than a socialist one.

    Is it possible that a significant cohort of blue Liberals would cross the floor rather than serve in a socialist coalition?

    Since the current iteration of Liberals have drifted far left could such a crossing be contemplated? What is the scuttlebut on such a scenario?

    Any thoughts?

  5. They will split themselves, as not all want to go left with Bob Rae. Iggy goes back to some university (U of T?)

    Jack will want to be PM now, so the coalition may fail. Glad Quebecers are deserting the separtist BLOCs. They finally get.

    Ontario: vote CPC - we need you, as you are already drowning in Liebral debt!!!

  6. The Tories are running a very focused campaign. If you are not in one of the ridings on their list, you won't see much of their campaign. That includes local ad buys. Try not to be offended. It's not that they are taking your vote (assuming you vote for them) for granted. Instead they are asking their supporters to give the party the freedom to apply resources where they are likely to have the greatest impact.

    I'm sure there are ridings in Quebec that are getting plastered by Tory ads. Just not yours.