Thursday, April 14, 2011

NDP Attack Ad: Two Thumbs Up

Well done NDP for airing a campaign ad about Ignatieff's poor attendance in the House of Commons. The coalition friendship is not all sunshine and lollipops. Despite being a blogger who apologetically engages in coalition "fear mongering" (as Jane Taber would say), I have enjoyed this line of attack by the Layton team against the Ignatieff regime. This ad is clearly designed for those handful of ridings where the Libs and Dips are going head to head, like Outremont and Parkdale. In the many non-compete seats however, the weakest coalition link is often running absentee campaigns. The Libs won't lose many votes to the NDP in Ajax-Pickering, where the local dipper decided to take a vacation in the middle of the campaign.


  1. Only problem I see is that our PM Harper is out of the country so much doing Canada business that it is quite obvious that his attendance at these votes would be lower than Layton's..Guess we should not mention that eh!

  2. It is understood that the PM and the cabinet have business that requires their attendance.

    The opposition MPs don't have that standard. Iggy was busy trying to meet the Canadians since becoming the leader in 2008. I lost count how many times he was sent on a tour.

  3. When Iggy is out, his numbers don't decrease (Much) and when he returns, they decline even further. Best to keep him on the bus where he retains a low-profile where he accomplishes nothing, just like in parliament.
    Hows that go! - OH the wheels of the bus go round and round...well, you foks know the rest. LOL

    E Mac

  4. Well it's about time Jack!!!
    It's time you came in and took a few shots at the Iggster.
    And why has he not answered the question as to why he wasn't in the House 70% of the time?
    Why did he leave Jack there with Gilles to stand up against meany man Harper?

    In all seriousness...Jack finally going after the Liberals is a great sign for the Conservatives. If Jack can get to 18% in popular vote I think you're looking at a Conservative Majority

  5. Ignatieff was on the bus, campaigning to be the Prime Minister of Canada. He is only in it for himself.
    Voting in the HOC is for the people, which is not something of interest to the COUNT
    He talks about shutting down parlament and democracy and he wasn't there the day parliament was back. Where was he? CAMPAIGNING for PM and a coalition Govt. Hypocracy from the visiting professor from the USA.

  6. I just checked the NDP's blogs. They're really fired up! I think this is good news for us. In Quebec, voters are moving from Bloc to NDP. Another good news. I think this is an election where we can not predict the outcome based on popular votes, especially in Quebec. Harper is doing a good job concentrating on the ridings where we can win. It used to be it wasn't correct to say on the french radio talk show that the Bloc was useless and we should get rid of it. Now, it' an everyday occurance, especially arround Quebec City.

  7. The Bloc IS useless. I think the ROC should invite Quebec to leave and see what theysay. When (and I believe they will) say no, the Bloc will die.

  8. If true that Quebecers now find the NDP even more attractive than the Bloc, it is not the least flattering for them. Both the Bloc and NDP are extremely statist and therefore socialist/communist. Normally this type of ideology only appeals to the immature, who has yet to have to make a living in the real world. I therefore suspect that this kind of increase does not include too many mature working Quebecers.

  9. Did anyone else notice that the NDP ad puts Iggy in the "Stephane Dion pose" just before the frame cuts off his head?