Thursday, April 28, 2011

Iggy Free Falling

Some pundits are trying to spin the NDP surge as bad news for the Tories, but Iggy is unquestionably the biggest loser in this whole mess. The Liberals being in 3rd place is catastrophic, hence why they were invoking the ghost of Jean Chretien yesterday. That could be too little too late. Jean proclaiming his confidence in Iganiteff is moot with many Canadians, and is unlikely to excite anybody beyond Liberal foot soldiers. This was more about rallying the base than making inroads into the center.

Good luck Mike, you're going to need it.


  1. Even Nanos is showing the NDP at 30% which is pretty much echoed by all the other polls. This is dangerous news. The NDP are biting into Tory support now... I hope people give their heads a good shake and realize what the NDP actually stands for. At this rate, we'll be in another election at no time.

  2. Please explain to me how the libs/ndp/bloc could work together in coalition after the last couple of weeks.
    Who is responsible for all this, I nominate the media and their 5 yr attack on PMSH and not paying any attention to the phantom candidates the ndp are running.
    Think Libby as minister for the status of women,
    Pat Martin, minister of anger, Mulcair as finance minister.

  3. I blame the media for not pointing out more thoroughly that the N.D.P. has hardly anyone on the ground here in Quebec. There are maybe 3 or 4 ridings where they have some people, and a lot of the help is coming from the Quebec Solidaire party, a provincial socialist party. The whole thing is a Potemkin village that is influencing the swing in the rest of Canada.

  4. I cannot believe the wave of orange happening in Quebec. I know they are more left in their views and somewhat align with the NDP but they need to see what the NDP stand for.

    I live in Ontario and saw what it was like from 1990 to 1995. Bob Rae and the NDP devastated the economy through various social and economic policies.

    Only after the Conservatives came to power and "opened Ontario for business" again did we begin to see some growth and confidence in this province.

    No an NDP led government for Canada would really hurt our economy and our people.

  5. I noticed Jack float the idea of a national minimum wage across the board.Great idea!

    However any gains made from that idea will be toast with a cap and trade deal.Cap and trade hurts the little guy aka the poor the most.You think food is expensive now?Wait till an NDP govt gets their paws on the country till.