Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The National Post's GeoPollster

The National Post has unveiled a new election tool that they call the GeoPollster. Their description of the tool is "cast your vote whenever you check in on Foursquare. It's easy! Sign up and choose which party you want to vote for. Each time you check in on Foursquare, GeoPollster will tally your vote." This isn't quite the CBC Vote Compass, but rather some kind of mobile polltracker that registers a "vote" whenever you check in with a local Foursquare.

I wanted to give GeoPollster a spin, but I've been having computer problems forced to run 10 year old versions of Windows and Internet Explorer that and can't run the program. Have other people tried it? What's the scoop? Is the GeoPollster any good? My computer has crashed 6 times since Monday night as its lifespan draws to an end. It was built in 2002, so we've had a good run. If I suddenly disappear from the blogosphere in the next few days, you know why. And yes, I will be accepting donations for the Iceman's "buy a new computer fund". Without a little help from my friends, I might not be blogging during the 2nd half of the election campaign.


  1. On the vetting Candidates question there should be a "do they bother" answer the MSM will cover their ass in any event.

    Rob C

  2. The National Post effort is interesting, but in order to make any sort of real-world inferences, it requires the participation of all groups (age, sex, culture, geographical etc.)

    However, that is not the case. So in the end, it's a sort-of-fun time-waster (especially you're a supporter of one of the parties in particular; and you live in an area where many people are playing.