Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crime Rates On Campaign Signs

Where could someone find statistics on misdemeanor crimes on political campaign signs? I have long noticed a predisposition for vandals to target Tory signs, and in week one of the campaign I have noticed many signs for my local Tory disappearing. Today's poll question, do you have a campaign sign on your front lawn, or maybe the window of your apartment? Does anyone out there have stories about their own signs being vandalized? I know Mike Hinchey ran for city counsel outside Winnipeg in November and this was a daily problem for him as a right wing candidate.

You almost need to treat it as a compliment that the hooligans who vandalize public and private property oppose the Conservatives. It makes me feel better about being a Tory. The vandals are not on my team.


  1. I've had two Conservative signs taken from my front lawn (the first had the pole snapped off, the second disappeared completely). The RCMP agreed to step up patrols - my neighbours' NDP signs have not been touched.

  2. I would estimate that 30% of my time volunteering in Ottawa Centre yesterday was devoted to fixing vandalized signs. I didn't notice any NDP or LIberal signs that were ripped down or with broken posts.

  3. According to the Ottawa Citizen, approximately 100 signs of Liberal candidate Keon were defaced in Nepean.

    CBC board visitors were quick to say that this was, of course, done by conservatives because after all Sarah Palin was responsible for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona.

    I know, I know, what the heck was I doing reading the CBC news website. I am ashamed, but sometimes it's just too hard to resist - like watching the proverbial train crash.

  4. Craig Oliver had John Baird on his show and asked him about the Liberal candidate had a target drawn around his face on a campaign sign. John's response that all vandalism should be discouraged and that he had just lost 100 signs in one night. So why wasn't Oliver going to Cauchon and ask him why John Baird lost 100 signs in one night?

    Personally I think the Liberal sign with a target drawn on was just as likely drawn by a Liberal supporter to try and make this outrage a national news story.

  5. The Socialists are the ones that liquidate their own people...for the good of the State.

    The Liberals are known mobsters and thieves of taxpayer money.

    Our poor signs are in a bad neighborhood. We've put a few rough men out in hiding with sticks. Will let you know how the hunt went.

  6. I was in charge of signs in a mid-town west-end riding during the 2005-2006 election campaign.

    The conservative signs had a 10%-15% vandalism rate and one voter actually caught some kids doing the vandalism, they confessed to be working for the liberal candidate. The operative word was working.

    The riding was a hotly contested NDP versus Liberal riding. Two days before the election, all the conservative signs disappeared on a saturday night in a one square km area. That was a little too organized as in that area it was a good 150+ signs.

    There were rumours that CAW workers were paid to campaign for the NDP and were paid by the union. How true that was, one will never know.


  7. One of those nasty reporters(Roger Smith) from the press rat pack, asked PM Harper today if he had anyone investigating Conservatives over the defaced signs. PM Harper told him the Conservative party were having a hard enough time getting all there OWN signs up and were focused on their own election campaigns.I think its usually losing candiates that this mysteriously happens too.