Friday, September 24, 2010

The Price Is Not Right In Montreal

It is not a common occurrence for them to discuss hockey on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, but they sure talked about Montreal Canadien fans booing Carey Price in the first period of his first exhibition game. The fans evidently are not happy that management shipped off playoff hero Jaroslav Halak in the offseason and they are going to take their frustration out on the young goalie. It is not clear whether or not the move to ship Halak out of town was part of a federalist conspiracy to undermine the sovereignty movement, depending on how you look at it. Fans don't seem too excited for the Lars Eller era, the young Danish player that the Habs got back for Halak. Denmark as you all know is a hockey super power.

The good news is that hockey is back! I know that there are a number of hockey fans among us here at the Blogging Tories, so I would like to set up a fantasy hockey league for anyone interested. It is similar to a hockey pool, except that there is no money involved, zero to play, and if you win your only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done. It is a lot of fun, and if you are interested just send me an e-mail at for more details.


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  2. The controversy was order of freedom fries vs french fries? The National Assembly is planning an emergency meeting as a result.

    He followed in the tradition of Patrick Roy after the sweep by the Boston Bruins.

    Fickle fans after a soft performance in pre-season game?