Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holland Vs Alexander On Question Period

Just a few moments ago, the Tory candidate in Ajax-Pickering Chris Alexander had a one on one debate with Liberal incumbent Mark Holland. This high profile race has been garnering much attention in the media, amid accusations that Mr. Alexander has been avoiding the press. He is running in his first ever campaign, while opponent is now in his 4th campaign. Holland has a significant experience advantage as the go to Liberal political pit-bull, while Alexander has the disadvantage of being a really nice guy. When they were debating with Jane Taber moderating, Holland continuously interrupted when Chris was talking. Alexander was much more diplomatic, allowing his opponent to speak until he was finished.

Holland was being Holland. Debating him is like trying to nail jello to the wall as he was all over the map on law and order. The day that the controversy exploded about the Liberal candidate who wants to show more compassion to sex offenders, Holland made an erroneous statement that the Libs would not oppose many of the Tory crime bills waiting to pass into law (which is contrary to what Ignatieff has said). When asked about the contradiction, Mark said there was no contradiction and then transitioned into a rant about California mega prisons.

This is going to be a tough campaign for Chris Alexander. I really hope that the nice guy finishes first, because Mark Holland is an asshole.


  1. Election Prediction Project has this riding too close to call.

  2. I watched the interview. This was my first exposure to Chris Alexander, and I couldn't help but notice that he seemed a little nervous. I can relate to that nervousness, because I myself do not like public speaking. Mark Holland has a record of generally acting in the way that you defined him; while Chris has a record of working for the public instead of the paycheque. Debating Mark Holland probably won't raise his profile as you can't win an argument with a bully. Hopefully Chris will get better results knocking on doors and discussing the issues without being yelled over.

  3. Chris Alexander appears to be the calm one. Mark Holland can act like a rabid dog all he wants, it only looks bad on him in comparison. I can't imagine that the voters of Ajax-Pickering want an angry person such as that as a representative.

  4. Did you catch the part at the end when Alexander said he and Holland both moved into the riding around the same time in 2004, after Holland's rant about living in the riding his entire life?

    One of them must be lying. Who?

    Here's hint #1:"The riding Ajax-Pickering was created in 2004 by combining parts of the former ridings of Pickering-Ajax-Uxbridge and Whitby-Ajax."

    Hint #2: "Daniel P. "Dan" McTeague, PC, MP (born October 16, 1962) is the Canadian Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Pickering—Scarborough East"

    Hint #3: "Born in Pickering, Ontario, Holland majored in political science and history at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1996. He worked as an assistant to Member of Parliament Dan McTeague"

    Hint #4: "The district was created in 2003 from 44.1% of Pickering—Ajax—Uxbridge, 39.7% of Scarborough East, and 0.1% of Scarborough—Rouge River ridings.

    Could it be that Holland actually lived in Dan McTeague's old riding boundary, prior to the Ajax-Pickering riding being created in 2004? And would that mean that Holland never actually lived within the currwnt federal riding boundary of Ajax-Pickering pre-2004?

  5. I think you guys may be underestimating Mr. Alexander here. This is the same guy who spent years in Afghanistan negotiating and talking with people who probably wanted to kill him. I think he can keep cool under pressure and the people notice that.

  6. I saw the two of them today. Typical Liberal tactics applied. Make your speech and then rant on top of your opponent. Mark Hollands eyes tell the truth. His eyes showed he is not an honest sincere person.In other words he is a big bull shi$$er.I was very impressed with the quiet sincerity of Chris Alexander. He will be good for the constituents. A sweet honest person shone through to me today on QP. Just watch Mark Holland in qp...he is a pit bull liar. I remember him and Marlene Jennings when they stole those boxes of Conservative documents and opened them looking for dirt to take to the press. Anyone who re-elects Holland deserves the sob.Chris Alexander looks like the type of honest guy who would work hard for the people, not his PAYCHEQUE. Someone who would splice a tape to leave the wrong impression is capable of anything. Even paying the girl off to say she didn't meet him...yeah right and I have land to sell you.

  7. Anonymous, I don't underestimate him at all; I barely know him. I think you're correct in your description of Chris; although he appeared a little nervous in his back and forth with Holland today, he did manage to keep his cool and keep strictly on topic; Holland was all over the place. I hope he can do this on the doorstep.

  8. I didn't see QP (I have not watched for about 2 years) but I will say that Alexander has appeared on the Micheal Coren show many times. His speaking style may appear as nervousness if you are seeing him for the first time but it also draws you in to actually listen to what he is saying. Mark Holland is just a jackhammer you tune out.