Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Layton Getting Cocky

Jack Layton's handlers might want to consider advising the NDP leader to take it easy on the arrogance when he's up on stage. Tonight he was working his crowd with repeated references to himself as Prime Minister, which was all find and dandy until he started saying it then pausing for applause. It felt more like an inauguration speech than a campaign speech as he seems to be intoxicated by the delusion that he has already won. The election at this point is more of a formality than anything. We already know how this story is going to end, so even bother with an election? Is Jack aware that you have to finish in first place to become PM, or does he have something else in mind?

To those trying to spin the NDP surge as most damaging to the Tories, it absolutely does more damage to the Libs and Bloc.


  1. And an NDP win will destroy this country... SO GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND VOTE!!!!!!

  2. Jack Layton "getting cocky"? I remember after the three stooges signed the agreement he said that "Harper should go quietly"
    This whole surge thing is really really weird.
    He proved before he would abandon any and all principal for a few cabinet seats.
    Now that is scary, remember what Bob did for Ontario.
    We could be Greece, Spain take your pick.
    Cheers Bubba

  3. Yes but it is all very scary for Canada, and Quebec has way too many votes. The financial markets will nose-dive.

    Libby Davies for Minister of Foreign Affairs (yay Hamas)

    Thomas Mulcair, scary leader-in-waiting

  4. In a way t is a good thing that Canadians see this hasppening. Let him parade around and call himself Prime Minister - and believing what he thinks about himself. In fact, even let him say that if he does not have a majority and wants the LIEberals, Greens, and Black-mail party to give him the position of PM, then Canada will be blessed with a "Left" agenda.

    What this does is get those of you who support the Conservatives more determined to reach out to Canadians to get out and vote. This is not fun and games, this is Canada we are talking about. The Cons habve laid out their platform, with costing in place, so the Canadans can see what thety are voting for. Americans found out through Obama what happens when they vote for a dream - they get a nightmare.

    I have talked a lot of 18+ to go out and vote. They ask who and I tell them whom I am voting for, yet I insist that who they vote for is their own business. If they don't vote for the main-line parties, then vote for an Indepandent - but get out and vote. Some have already voted in advance polls.
    Of course you could always vote for Clown Party of Canada - why put an amature in Ottawa, when you can get a professional. LOL.

  5. Hmmm.. felt the same thing too while watching the news. "COCKY!"

    Not sure what the strategy is to combat it. I feel the Conservative side is sitting back and playing it safe. I don't think that is a good thing. My hope is that the CPC drops a bombshell this week to defuse the "Orange Crush". I doubt it will happen. Hopefully the royal wedding will distract them.

    Knocking on doors for the CPC this week, I'm seeing a real protest vote swinging to the NDP, that is not grounded in reality. Unfortunately there is no time left to knock some sense into people. I don't like it, but the TAX AND SPEND party is a real threat to a majority

  6. Gonna throw this out there. Not sure if it's trying to rationalize or wishful thinking. Since most polls are conducted at night, could this upswing in the RoC for the NDP and slight decline for the Tories have anything to do with Easter weekend, Game 7 of the Canucks series, the Habs, etc? Seems a lot of Conservatives may very well have been busy with those joyous things than answering pollster calls. NDP/Libs appeal more to a crowd that may not be as deeply rooted in such activities.

  7. This was Jack in a conference call before the 2008 election...Dangerous sneaky guy...

    "The 'Coalition for Canada,' I love the idea – (but it) could be a deal-breaker for the Bloc," Layton is heard saying to laughter.

    "'The Coalition for Canada and Quebec?"' he adds, to more laughter.

    "Nothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who've been elected in Quebec actually helping to make Canada a better place. We just approach it on that basis and say, 'We're willing to make that happen. Here are the things we're going to be investing in and transforming together.'

    "If they're willing to work with us, we're willing to accept that offer."

    The Conservative take is that Layton's comments show he began conspiring with the Bloc for months to bring down Canada's elected government – long before last week's economic update that precipitated the current crisis of confidence in the Harper minority government.

    The recording is more ambiguous.

    In a discussion over concerns that the Bloquistes will be "offside" on issues, Layton said that's already been taken into account and strategies have been developed to avoid policy conflict.

    "I actually believe they're the least of our problems," he said.

    "This whole thing wouldn't have happened if the moves hadn't been made with the Bloc to lock them in early because you couldn't put three people together in three hours.

    "The first part was done a long time ago. I won't go into details."

    Layton suggests reluctant Liberals may be a bigger problem, and he exhorts his MPs to organize public rallies this Thursday and not wait for other coalition partners to do the work.

    "Chances are there are a bunch of Liberals in the other ridings on whom we want pressure placed," he's heard saying.

    Layton is heard downplaying the policy questions that could plague a coalition of such disparate party interests, saying everyone will have to curb their wish list.

    "What we really want is just to get Harper out and get this new group in because it's going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in. Correct? Correct!"

    "You can see where Harper's going here," said Layton.

    "He's going to say it's the socialists and the separatists and the opportunists getting together. Those are their talking points and so we just need to push back."

    Layton ridiculed the Conservatives over the issue Sunday night at an Ontario NDP event in Toronto.

    "It's entirely possible the Conservative party is recording what I'm saying here right now," Layton told the partisan audience. "Here's what I have to say to the Conservative party tuned in: 'good riddance to you!' "

  8. That pop is the noise of your collective 'brain trust' head's exploding.

    A NDP minority government? Best start packing your bags.

    Also, the byline "honours degree in Mathematical Economics" implies you are particularly proud of this accomplishment. Some might consider this rather narcissistic, as merely holding a qualification means little if one has not accomplished anything concrete.


  9. That pop you hear will be Canada's economic bubble collapsing, anonymous..but you probably won't care..I am probably paying for you to exist anyhow..

  10. thank you toodles. i don't believe my undergrad diploma gives me magical powers, if that's what you mean. as someone who shares a public opinion, i try to provide background info. if i were a philosophy major that would be at the top of my website.

    "an economist is an expert that will know tomorrow why what he predicted yesterday didn't happen today"

  11. I second that "getting cocky?"
    If working hard to get high marks, a great job and pride in setting an example for my kids is narcissism then colour me Obama.
    Hey Iceman, I took a leap and clicked on the Adam Carolla show link. Wow, he's amazing! I've been listening to it nonstop. The Dr. Drew podcast where Dr. Drew blames the epidemic of magical thinking on that book 'The f---ing Secret' was priceless.

  12. For anyone intereted, Dave R will have his 3 hr talk show on cpac this morning. Just watched the cpac show from Calgary.
    I know where Layton will get those doctors, he will force all drs running for election, and those that get elected, to go to rural areas to practice.

  13. Let Lenin-lite parade with his puffed out rooster chest all he wants.
    He'll eventually get the same reaction as Joe Clark did when he tried that routine.
    Who knows,if Harper doesn't get a majority,then Liberals and Conservatives might co-operate to keep him from destroying Canada.


  14. I'm not scared by the prospect of an NDP government although I'm prudently worried about the lack of governmental experience that would entail. I'd also like to correct the impression that one has to finish first to become PM. One simply has to lead a party that is able to enjoy the confidence of the House. The first place finisher should get first crack IMO but there's no reason why the GG can't turn to somebody else if the first place finisher can't get the confidence necessary. That's how the system was designed, that's how it should work and those who don't like it should be honest enough to call for a change in our system rather than pretending that our system is anything other than what it is.