Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Layton's Gain Or Duceppe's Failure?

If we are to believe the polls, the NDP stands poised to increase their Quebec seat count from 1 to 50. That might be a stretch, but it still tells a story. So is this Jack's gain or Gilles failure? The Liberals are falling faster than the last Czar of Russia, but the Bloc could be the biggest losers on May 2nd. I look back on the debates which I watched with two of my left leaning friends who are only mildly interested in politics, and they were laughing out loud at how bad Gilles Duceppe was. He has never recovered, and now is free falling.

So who deserves the most credit for the NDP rise in Quebec? That will be today's poll question.


  1. So who deserves the most credit for the NDP rise in Quebec?

    the Dec 1, 2008 coalition of losers gets the credit.

    Duceppe and Dion elevated Jack to their equals,
    all for one and one for all.... and Quebecres picked Jack to the the 3 stooges.

  2. Liberal supporters need to vote Conservative, crazy but true!

    The Tories are going to win the election, it may be a minority or a majority but they will win the most seats. It is in the Liberal interest (if they aren't going to win the seat anyway) to vote CPC and block the NDP from getting another seat.

    The Liberals are going to win at least 50 seats and the Bloc are going to win at least 25. If the Tories get a reasonable majority, say 165 seats, and the NDP get 60-70 seats then the Liberals will have 4 stable years to get their act together while still being a reasonable opposition.

    If the Tories win a minority, say 135 seats, the other 30-35 seats would mostly go to the NDP. This would mean that the Dippers would have DOUBLE the seats of the Libs, they would become the new alternative government and it might take a generation to relegate them back to 3rd place status. At the same time we would be right back into election mode which would not allow the Liberals to take the time needed to fix the party and establish new policies.

    If Liberals vote Tory over NDP in close ridings where they aren't going to win anyway (British Columbia, Atlantic) then they better the chances that they can recover and be competitive again in 4 years. If they "startegically" vote against Harper they will be harming their own party. Crazy election. Feel free to plagurize this post.

  3. I think this whole thing is manufactured.The polls are bogus. PM Harper doesn't look worried at all because he has his own polls. This is just the next step of the media to manipulate the polls. LIB/NDP/BLOCK = coalition...they are all one party in this election working together with the special interest groups and the media. Don't be hoodwinked.I haven't forgotten the conference call tape with Layton talking coalition in 2008.

  4. The separatists in Quebec who used to vote Bloc are voting NDP - another way to destroy Canada.