Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ignatieff Now The Angry Man

After the first week of the election campaign, Jane Taber described Prime Minister Stephen Harper as "very angry". Liberal leader Ignatieff however was given a general thumbs by the media for running a positive effective campaign. Now at the end of week 2, the wheels have started coming off the bus for the Liberals while the Tory leader is coming across as more confident and relaxed. The Libs have been in constant damage control with controversies exploding at the riding level thanks to drunk drivers, a white supremacist, and a kook who thinks we need to show more compassion to sex offenders. Ignatieff is starting to show his desperation and frustration on stage, becoming angrier and angrier it seems with each appearance.

He's even getting on stage making up total lies about Tory policy. He claims that the Conservatives are going to slash healthcare spending, despite the fact this is not in the Tory platform. He is alleging an alternative motive. Meanwhile, when Tories muse about the opposition parties attempting to form coalition government, the Liberals flip out calling the Tories liars. But hey, it is okay when the Liberals make up lies about the Conservatives, right?


  1. The polls have not moved for Ignatieff despite his doom and gloom. So now the Libs are pulling out the fear card about healthcare. There were enough stories in the media i.e. David Dodge and some pundits suggesting that healthcare needs to be discussed. Boom...we have the boogey man of healthcare rearing its ugly head. Nobody is going to believe Ignatieff. They don't even think he should be PM so why would they believe that the Conseratives are going to cut healthcare. That argument is so silly Harper should laugh right in Ignatieff's face. The Libs were the ones that cut $25 billion from healthcare. So bring it up Ignatieff and see what happens.

  2. PM Harper already told people that he wasn't going to do like the Liberals did to healthcare.
    Iggy is a total fool. Today he said the liberals always took care of the military. The guys delusional, and he is such a BS liar.Anyone who wants the likes of him as PM needs their head examined.He gets more unhinged as the days go by.

  3. Just remember that the Conservatives are defering starting new programs until we see that we can afford them. The demographics are working against the Liberals who think we can start new programs and maintain Healthcare. The demographics show that whomever wins in this election will be forced to face the fact that as the baby boomers leave the workforce fewer workers will be around to pay for the bloated new programs. Some new programs may be worthwhile but NOW is not the time to introduce them.

    On the plus side, there will be more senior jobs available to qualified individuals as the boomers leave.

    I hope the Conservatives continue to point this out in a positive way.

  4. I'd like to see the media dig into Ignatieff's platform budget...its about 60 Billion dollars not budgeted for. Just blank spaces.Pharmacare, cap and trade, NEW Champlain bridge, hockey arena,rail train,etc.........where's the friggen MEDIA?All they talk about are the Conservatives.Count Ignatieff is getting a free ride. His immigrant story is such crap and no media point it out. His parents had 2 MILLION dollars when they came to Canada. He dumped his own two kids and a wife.Its sickening.I'll be glad when we see the last of this clown.

  5. I heard the most interesting line of attack today that I hope the PM uses in the debates.
    Ignatieff can say whatever he wants to about his own platform and own his promises and his own budget.
    But, he's not going to win the election outright.
    And if he's got to partner with the NDP and the Bloc to take power, then all of his talk is worthless because then he's going to have to bring in a coalition budget.
    I really hope the PM points that out on national TV.

  6. If there is going to be a coalition then Layton is going to lead it. He will tell the Count that he, Layton, is more popular and credible than Ignatief and the only way the Coalition will be accepted is if he, Layton, leads it. The Count can shout and scream but if Layton can't be PM then all deals are off. Layton is biding his time waiting to se what happens.

  7. he will but they mediator will cut him off before the pm Harper can make iggy answer the question. or jack layton will cut him off in the middle of a gotcha moment. and I don'tknow why gilles duceppe should even be in the english version. he only in quebec and the anglaphones in quebec aren't going to vote for them anyways.

  8. I've noticed Iggo losing it too. Not that the media will point that out, but Iggo is getting angrier and angrier. When Iggo has to answer a question from a Sun news reporter he becomes visibly angry, like yesterday when he was asked about the Liberal candidate Reilly, the sexual assault lover, Iggo was not pleased. Lucky for igg the rest of the media with his campaign are Liberal supporters who spend their time talking about how much they hate "Harper".

  9. Ah yes, Iffy's 60 billion in uncosted promises:

    HST funding for Quebec (Cost — $2.2 billion)

    Quebec Bridge $1 billion

    Sports Arenas at $400 million each for how many cities????

    Pharmacare minimum $6.6 billion

    Quebec/Windsor High speed rail minimum $18 billion

    PLUS costing the Canadian economy over $30 Bn with his Cap and Tax scheme...

  10. And giving back the kairos funding, as both ndp and liberals said they would do it.
    Was iggy tipsy at some do recently, read about it but haven't seen a clip or link.
    Wonder what the ctv/cbc honchos think when they discover that igy is running ads on TSN during the curling, and also on the weather channel. And I bet he has to pay for those.
    I wonder if he realizes that when he says family pac we think KFC. I understand a couple of recruits for KFC turned up for iggy.

  11. The man is part of the enemy forces that have a hidden agenda and they mean to do me harm in a variety of ways. There is no other way for me, or any thinking Canadian to think of this "coalition by any other name" BS.

    How any thinking person could even remotely think that the budget that would be put together by the coalition would be anything but disastrous, is out of their frigging mind.