Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liberals Getting Desperate

The wheels are starting to come off the Liberal bus, and the longer they go without gaining any traction, the harder those wheels begin to spin. They say that the Prime Minister was irresponsible when he dismissed Helena Guergis from caucus, when they had been furiously demanding her dismissal for weeks before it finally happened. They are now even sending "operatives" (I doubt Gloria Galloway will call them that) to protest Conservative events who were invited inside and refused; only to have Ignatieff complain about them being denied entry moments later.

You may have noticed that for some time now, the Liberals have been using a strategy whereby Ignatieff always tries to be the first to star a video clip response to any breaking news story. Facts be damned, he always tries to be the first to have an opinion, such that his video clip can run with the news story as it breaks. These premature opinions are becoming more and more hyperbolic as the wheels start to spin in the mud. Such that by the time anyone has had a chance to fully fact check a story, Iggy is on CBC Newsworld proclaiming controversy X is destroying Canadian Democracy. The CBC and to a lesser extent CTV will often allow the Liberal response to become the biggest focus of the story, if not the headline.

Is this going to work? The wheels on the bus are spinning in the mud and it is getting worse by the day. At this rate, what kind of "our democracy is crumbling" ridiculous controversies are going to be unleashed in the next 2 weeks? That should be a poll question, at the rate we're going, what absurd controversy do you expect from the Liberals in the last week? We know these guys like to sit on stories for months until a strategic time, so we'll see what happens. I bet the last week will be about abortion and a secret agenda.


  1. The House voted AGAINST Bob Rae's motion to bring abortions to 3rd world countries.
    Liberal MPs voted it down.

    That was in March 2010, does Iffy think Canadians have forgotten?

    Secret agenda on healthcare?
    PMSH said in the debates - let the provinces experiment, as long as healthcare remains publicly funded.
    He said that in previous elections too.

  2. Iggy is trampling on provincial issues such as Health care, Day care, and provincially guided resource management (aka cap and trade/carbon tax). Who is the real threat to Canadian democracy and to the unity of this country?
    Our fourth election in 7 years, at a cost of over a billion dollars. And the Opposition have the nerve to say the G-8/G-20 was a waste of tax-payer dollars? NOT!

  3. seems to me that you people are becoming insanely desperate to kill liberal democracy once and for all.

  4. i guess the 2008 election that harper forced because he was desperate to get a new mandate before Obama won and the bush league movement lost it's last hold on a north american government. doest count.



    Ig was on George W's team and wrote the book on tortue.

    "Chretien & Martin to join the fray." ~ news item.

    No. Not THAT Chretien and Martin duo, not the stand-up comedic folk-singers duo.

    This is a sure sign that reality is starting to get through to the Liberal Party of Canada, with rampant panic and pandemonium seeping and oozing through the decaying remnants of this once-proud, once-influential national party. A party now reduced to a stump,and soon to become nothing more than a distant, distasteful memory.

    The Party faithful all fearfully know, and this announcement verifies it. The librano's latest iteration of possible salvation is D.O.A. and needs a miracle to survive. Hence the just-announced doubled-down.


    The mantle of glory, which once they thrust, and today, is casually worn by their latest insouciant "Great White Hope" has now been reduce to not much more than a moth-eaten, tattered and patched, thread-bare sham-wow of it's past glory. The librano ship of state is sinking fast, while the captain piously pontificates and natters on about still another scandal - about yet just one more item that he hopes will at long last, become The Final Epic Scandal that could save his ass - for a while, at least.

    The backroom boys have read and seriously considered all the entrails. Now, silently they realize that they must, finally, acknowledge the reality that the captain doesn't have a chance in hell of garnering fifty seats, minimum. In light of stiff Iggy's faltering and fumbling campaign, the Libranos are bringing in their geriatric Big Guns for the roles of either, "wing men" or "crutches': to wit - here come The Strangler and The Ditherer. It's gonna prove to be a classic "three-way."

    Mais, malhereusement, the creator of this concept, Step-on DeYawn, was not invited to participate. So here we are, Step-on's " t'ree peelers " of the "Big Red tent wid' the Big Red Door Circus."

    Will The Strangler and The Ditherer ever appear on the same stage together? Side by side? Each with an arm over the other dude's shoulder? In that ersatz spirit of camaraderie and bon'homie that they arrogantly fake, believing that that we naively believe exists between them?

    Will the conservatives offer up some cup-cake toting cup-cake human sacrifice, for the ti-gars street-brawlin' scrapper to garrote? And, should the ti-gars attempt to strangle dissidents, will he have his entourage of bulked-up "muscle" to make sure that no harm befall the old geezer?

    Like the song sez, " I'm watchin' an' watin'..."

    Rat naow I jes' gotta get me gone! Later, enh?



  6. In Canada the term "Liberal Democracy" is an oxymoron!

  7. Jerry Prager,
    your progressive democracy would assist the voices in Western Canada being tossed out and replaced with freaking Quebec separatists.

    Your progressive democracy is more worried about a gawd damn 'not' than keeping this country united.

    Perhaps your progressive under 25's, living in the Enchanted Forest buy that crap and will RISE UP,
    but those of us living in reality want your American Democrat to go home,
    and the separatists to be defeated.

    And by the way, with Chretien rising from the long forgotten scene,
    maybe he will tell us where the stolen $40 million is; and which 12 Liberal candidates had their pockets lined with stolen taxpayers money.

  8. It looks like the libs are entering the "Save the Furniture" phase of this campaign. Has Bob Rae stepped back away from this stinking mess yet? I haven't heard anything from him for quite some time.


  9. Did anyone expect the Liberals to have credibility in this campaign? They have repeated the same mistakes of Dion. They allowed the Conservatives to spend a few bucks framing him as just visiting. It has stuck and the brand can't recover when their champion is trailing the fourth party's leaders. Duceppe has also beaten Iggy on trust scores.