Friday, April 22, 2011

Liberal Advertising Blitzkrieg

Over the past two weeks the Liberal Party has committed substantial financial resources to a national advertising blitz. Some have been attack ads labelling Stephen Harper as power hungry and as having a secret agenda to dismantle Canadian health care. Many others have been these one on one feel good rants about public health care that are poorly produced and Iggy's make-up looks like it was done by a mortician. Great call with the early election Mike...

Since unveiling these ads, Liberal support has now fallen below the NDP nationally, a catastrophic occurrence, especially 10 days before a general election. You have to question the wisdom of doing a 30 minute TV special focusing on Ignatieff. The more Canadians see the man, the less they like him. They should turn their TV special into a 30 minute attack ad against the Prime Minister. Keep Iggy out of it, because his face on TV is not helping you, it is hurting you.


  1. Way to go Ice !! Now you went and told them :-(

  2. Just wait till he does his Easter Sunday "Rise up" and see him drop even further.

  3. How did the Liberals paid for them? Their finances going into this election were not great.

  4. Fellow Harvardian Obama did the same thing only bought prime-time space because he had cash to burn. Iggy's attempt is stupid for so many reasons.

    1) It's on Sunday afternoon when virtually no one watches TV.

    2) It will be up against the Sabres/Flyers game. Clearly he doesn't want any votes from the GTA.

    3) It is plainly obvious right now that no one really cares for Iggy. This whole "if you just get to know me, you'll love me" B.S. is failing miserably and no 30-minute infomercial is going to help him.

  5. How do we know the Liberals have the wherewithal to actually pay for these ads? I imagine that they are booked "on account" meaning that they will be paid in the future - say, net 30 days. By then the election will be over. This thought occurred to me as I watched them wasting money advertising on the new Sun News thing. It's easy to be a big "spender" when you aren't concerned about actually paying the bill. Just thinkin'.

  6. I hope they paid the Sun up front.No credit for these guys.They still have not paid their leadership bills.How do they get away with it??

  7. Libs likely booked that 1/2 hr at the beginning of the campaign, as their 'closing the deal' strategy.

    Now they VERY unexpectedly need to attack Jack. Do they have the funds to do so?
    I don't think so, too broke or the ads would have started early last week when NDP was on the rise.

  8. Yes,where DO the LIberals get all that money to spend on advertising? A few months ago we were reading how several candidates were given another extension to pay down their debts from the 2008 election.

    Could there be secret foreign or corporate donations made surreptitiously to the LPC? Where are the investigative Reporters when you need them?


  9. It would be interesting to find out if TV networks are giving lower ad rates to the Liberals.

  10. Since EC is not exactly banging down the doors to get the Liberal leadership debts paid, what happens when the individuals that still owe money don't get re-elected? What recourse would EC have then when they haven't made them pay up yet?

  11. Craig I would think that Sun TV is charging everyone lower rates right now. I don't think Dr Ho could afford primetime otherwise. The liberals and Dr Ho probably have about the same PR budget! LOL

  12. Duane: "2) It will be up against the Sabres/Flyers game. Clearly he doesn't want any votes from the GTA."
    Just one more indication of how much Iggy and the natural governing party are out of touch with Canadians. Forcing an election during the NHL playoffs!!!??? How stupid can you get?

  13. There is something called the "Silent Majority"

    The Silent Majority is speaking loud and clear.

    Polls for a long time now have indicated that the Canadian public wants Harper to run the country but with a minority government. The other three parties weren't listening.

    Polls didn't change much after even after the election was called. That is until the Ignatieff/Mansbridge interview. That is the Silent Majority talking to you.

    But, what do I know. I go to the bar and order a beer. They as me if I want it in a glass. Well, Duh, Beer comes in a glass.

    Mr. Layton will have fun with Mr. Ignatieff. Don't blame Ignatieff. Blame the people who talked were advising him.

    Beer in a bottle logic.....I'm 60 years old. The Maple Leafs could sign me to play next year. I would suck big time and make Eddie Shack look like a superstar. Don't blame me, blame the people that signed me.

  14. Sun TV should start doing some investigative reporting on campaign finances, unpaid debts and , you know, a missing $40 million in taxpayer money called ADSCAM.

    That would be a series of reports that would draw lots of viewers....

  15. It is curious as to where the bankrupt Liberals (morally,ethically@financially) retain the resources to run their attack ads, and even the ability to run an election campaign. Smells like Soros to me. No matter where the Libs are getting their money, I don't expect EC would give a shit one way or the other.