Monday, April 4, 2011

CBC Vote Compass: Over 1 Million Responses

The CBC is now boasting on their website that their Vote Compass has had over 1 million responses. Of course 1 million responses doesn't mean 1 million people, as many take the test multiple times frustrated that it isn't aligning them with the party they support. Evidently it is really difficult to get the test to say you are NDP. The data I'd like to see that isn't posted on the CBC website, what percentage of that over 1 million were told that they most closely align with the Liberals? Granted, I'm sure I'd have to do an Access to Information request to obtain that information, and even then they'd probably deny it on the basis of "artistic integrity".

If I were a computer programmer, I'd write a program to take the test 100 times with completely random answers and see what the results are.


  1. If one could write a program to do it, they should simply test all 9.7 million combinations of answers and check the frequency that each party comes up.

  2. I don't think there was a mass conspiracy by the CBC. It's just the way they think. Consequently, that showed up in the way the compass was designed.