Monday, April 4, 2011

Which Leader Do You Trust? Iggy Falls To 12.7%

When asked on Sunday which federal leader Canadians trust the most, Ignatieff was the answer for a whopping 12.7% of voters. That is down 4% from the previous poll. Unfortunately for the Liberals, they have been trying to frame this election as a matter of ethics and trust. It is difficult to attract voters on the basis of trust when so few trust the leader of the party, which probably explains their poor performance in the early days of Election 2011. This election is heading towards a Tory majority, and I believe that history will judge the Liberal decision to force an early election in 2011 as one of the most historic blunders in modern Canadian politics.

Iggy is running around the country saying we can't trust Stephen Harper, but few people trust Iggy, so what does that mean for his message?


  1. No name commentor at 4:04
    please learn how to google,
    it's easy,
    highlite 12.7% right click on your mouse, select 'copy',
    go to google , paste it the 12.7% and add 'ignatieff, poll',
    and voila:

    "... On April 2, 32.7 per cent of respondents found Harper to be the most trustworthy, while 18.9 per cent chose Layton and 16.3 per cent chose Ignatieff.
    The next day, 31.6 per cent said Harper was the most trustworthy, with 20.8 per cent choosing Layton and 12.7 per cent choosing Ignatieff...."

  2. LOL!!!

    Wilson.. better..

    "Take that little doohicky on the right side of your computer that just sorta slides around.. when you move it, you will notice how the little pointy thingy on the screen also moves.

    Now, point the little pointy thingy on the screen to the blank space where it says, "Google" up in the right hand side of your screen."

    Then do what Wilson said.

  3. Has Iggy thought out his veteran university plan? The rule for being recognized as a veteran in the Canadian military is 3 years service or 6 months service with the UN or NATO and an honorary discharge. Iggy's plan is not pro-active if the rules aren't changed. It'll be like the USA, Graduate high school,sign up for 3 yrs and go to University for 4 years with all expenses paid including room & board. The Canadian armed forces are not set up to sign on short time troops, our system is set up for the longer term. Iggy's vet plan will not work, sounds good, but it really ain't.

  4. Anony at 4:04 is your typical libtard.
    When they're not demanding a free lunch, they want everyone else to do their work for them.

  5. The Liberal convention is scheduled for June in Ottawa, but the Liberals may not have to wait until then to be rid of Iggy.

    There is a very good chance that the Etobicoke-Lakeshore voters will show him the door on election day.

    That would mean no pension for Iggy, he'd have to hang on until January 2012 to qualify.

    Wouldn't that be a shame?

  6. I figured Anony at 4:04 was just Gayle again, so I didn't bother to answer.


  7. Two questions:

    Has anybody heard if the LIEberals who owe Elections Canada running in this election? If they are permitted to run, then Elections Canada should be investagated for favoritism of a political party, by the RCMP. I wonder if the Constantly Bashing Conservatives (CBC) will be there with their cameras?

    What would happen if Biffy's ridding doesn't elect him? I think it would be the first time in history that this would happen.

    I mean, the same thing could happen with him as with Paul Martin [I think he showed up three times to represent his voters.] There is even a lower opinion of Biffy, and he might just head back to his country of choice [USA] and only show up to get his check.

    I think DeYawn was more respected than Biffy, and look what happened to him. He ran on the Green Shaft and Biffy is running on Cap & Trade .... I'm waiting for the media to pick up on this [seems pretty quiet at the present.]