Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Would Win Iggy-Harper Debates?

Who would win a head to head debate between the Prime Minister and the Liberal leader? Robert Fife and some of his ilk have predicted that Iggy would crush him because of his experience in academia, but I disagree. The Liberals are vulnerable on a number of talking points and I think the PM can deliver a knock-out punch. That being said, I understand that when you are winning, the best strategy is to minimize the probability of mistakes. In 1980 Trudeau almost went into hiding and won a majority. Pierre was smart enough to realize that his chances of winning were better if he talked as little as possible. When you are already winning, the downside risk of talking is greater than the upside gain. I would love to see this debate happen and I think Harper would win.

What say you?


  1. PMSH trashes Mr. Ignatieff every time they engage in QP. How do I know? Because the CBC never shows the PM carving up the opposition!

    As for a debate, the difference is that the PM gets to ask questions in the form of debating points that Mr. Ignatieff may or may not answer at his peril.

    In sum, a proper debating format gives the advantage to the sitting PM as he is no longer the one who has to take shots with limited ability to shape the debate as per QP.

    One on one is the best format for PMSH and he should offer to meet each of the coalition compadres one on on to maximize his exposure.


    stephen p

  2. PMSH has been in 3 national debates,
    Iffy 0

    Some dude in the media said Iffy has been rehearsing for the debates every night for months. So he should have his 'that guy' attackes down pat, eh.

    PMSH doesn't have to read about the issues, he has worked with the issues for 5 years.

  3. If Ig is such a good debater, why did he lose the Lib leadership race?
    He was the front runner and couldn't close the deal.

  4. Fife, etc.'s comments are not very convincing. Iggy got one good slam on Dion, but otherwise, his debating skills in the Liberal leadership race were utterly forgetable. I am glad such a debate is not happening. It places too much focus on a single event.

  5. o/t
    Lapierre tells Don Martin the Federal Liberals in Quebec want to block the Bloc and are going to the CPC.
    'the Bloc is afraid of the Liberal vote collapsing, so he doesn't even mention ignatieff's name'

  6. I would be extremely surprised if Robert Fife said anything BUT THAT.

    It doesn't bother me that they believe Harper would lose a debate to Ig. The canadian MSM have been underestimating Harper all along now.

  7. Wilson, Ya gotta love it when Don Martin says that he is "flabbergasted" that Lapierre thinks the Tories will pick up seats from the Liberals in Quebec.

  8. Who would win??

    If your talking about ratings I'd say reruns of Seinfeld.

  9. Iggy talks mostly in cliches. Nasal whining cliches .Could you handle that for 2 hours ? By the end of the debate , it would be like the stuttering bible salesman .when he said if you don't buy it i'll read it to you .

  10. Iggy's supposed superior debating skills may be exaggerated. As a politician, he has not really won anything. He was nominated, unopposed in a safe riding; he came second to Dion in the leadership race; he was appointed Liberal leader in 2009; this is his first campaign as leader.
    Harper on the other hand is a seasoned veteran ofmany political campaigns. Sandy at Crux-Of-the-matter mentions that professors' debating skills are not sharply toned, as they mostly lecture to passive students, not the same thing. I would not discount PMSH chances.

  11. Lets see...the debate would be put on by CBC...they would have PM Harper put at any disadvantage they could dream up. Then in would walk the moderator...DON NEWMAN(CBC)...the biggest Conservative hater in the country.Then they would give PM Harper the worst female nasel nosed interpretor in the country.The subjects they would pick to debate would be jets and jails, ethics and DEMOCRACY, ending on contempt of parliament.
    Then all of a sudden, one mic would be scratchy and it would be Harpers.Then whenever Harper would attempt to answer a question ,he would be shouted down by Jack & Jill, then his time would run out.To finish it off, the CBC would taint PM Harpers water glass with a sedative to slow him down.ummmmmm you be the judge on who would come out ahead.
    Wouldn't matter anyway because the rat pack media would be wetting their depends and having an Iggy Liberal love in afterwards and saying Iggy was GREAT and Harper was dark, glum, and angry.

    Ontario Girl

  12. It would be an annihilation.
    Mr. Harper knows his shit.
    Please bring it on...