Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NDP Pumps Up The Volume

With Jack Layton unveiling new attack ads, some pundits think this is a sign of a pending election, while others see this as part of the NDP's road to capitulation on the budget. Today's poll question; do you think the new NDP attack ads signal that an election is coming soon to a polling booth near you? Jack seems to think our government is broken despite our roaring economic recovery, and if our reality is as bad as he says it is, then how can he justify supporting the government by approving the budget? If he thinks we are in such dire straights, then shouldn't he also think we would be better off with a coalition government?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the probability of a spring election, and many of our national pundits (including myself) have been all over the map with their predictions. At this point I don't know what to think. What say you?


  1. Libs want an election,
    otherwise Iffy will have to resign so a new leader can be picked before next spring. And the LPC can't afford the t-shirt.

    Duceppe always wants an election.

    Dippers love the attention of holding the hammer on an election, it is pretty much the only time Dippers are visibly relevent.
    The rest of the time, they are just that noisy clump attached to the Liberal rump.

    Jack's ads are 'well we tried, but Harper has to go'.

    -Jack has ALWAYS stood firm on a coalition being okey dokey.
    -Duceppe made a coalition a 'formal' party policy last month.
    The price to buy Ducey is only $5 billion easily drawn from the oilsands with new federal environmental laws Iffy's gang prepped last year in committee,
    -Iffy has already traded off the corp tax cuts publicly, his price, to prove he won't back out of the coalition this time.

    Election in May.

  2. Kinda seems like its taking on a life of its own. Things are trending worse for the enemy all the time. May as well go now.

  3. Heh Iceman,
    did you know you are a featured blogger on this new political aggregate?


  4. While the Middle East are trying to move away from Socialism, marxism, corruption. Canada wants to plunge into Middle East.

    Why do the opposition want an election for is the question. Are we that bad-I don't think so at all in fact, I have never seen the opposition stand by canada during the recession, nor have I seen them stand with canada when economy is doing great and best in the world.
    I guess these are not good things for Canada from the liberals perspective.

    I gather from the sound of the media and coalition that support for: radical groups, marxism, socialism, corruption, protectionism, higher taxes etc is far better to warrant a election pronto.
    I don't think for one minute that the immigrants would want the likes of Layton a socialist or the Bloc marxist, or a corrupt liberal party that stole from the nation to govern; these people (immigrants) fled their homeland because of people like Layton(socialist), duceppe(marxist) and Liberal party that steals.
    Immigrants are far more aware of the tone used by the msm than canadians are.

    How many bills concerning canadians, canada and the military has the NDP voted down?
    How many of the bills concerning canadians has the NDP voted for?
    The Bloc is in for Quebec and to garner major support for years to come, Duceppe wants, but will not tell you, is that, not only does he want the 5billion bribe but want at any cost to 'Bail' out Quebec's debt which stand 300+billion dollars.
    So for the msm to bitch and complain about the 56billion dollar is now at 38billion dollars deficit to welcome Quebec's debt shows the direct these people are going.

    In my opinion, the media is 'dead' their sound base is just a hollow in the wind. Pride for canada today as she stands in the world is nowhere nowhere to be seen nor heard with great pride and round of applause. Why? because PM STEPHEN HARPER is at the helm.

  5. I believe that there will be a forced election. One of the indicators is the clearly contrived, co-ordination smear jobs between the Liberals, Separatists and the media. The media is always cheerleading the corrupt Liberals, and attacking the Conservative Government, but as we've seen the past few weeks the attack rhetoric and co=ordination between the Libs and their media has clearly been ramped up. The Liberals have been trying very hard to create a narrative that states the Conservative Government is secretive and nurtures a "culture of deceit" and the media have been selling this narrative like crack- cocaine. With the media sales job of the Liberal narrative, along with the manufactured, hysterical drive by smears I can't see how we won't have an election.

  6. CPC has "hit" 43% in latest NP poll - ahead in every region but PQ. Iggy needs to "think twice" and Jack'O'Layton a couple of times two.

    No election is my guess - two too to risky for the Ops.

  7. My take on the need or not of an election is a bit different than what seems to be the norm. An election should be to change the direction the government is going so I fail to see how one is needed now. We have 3 left of centre parties 1 provincial party and the greens right now. What will change? Lets continue with the CINO in charge with the Libs & NDP bitching all the time the Bloc can continue to try loading Que. with its unfair share and the greens can keep on being green. When we have a real conservative option to vote for then we should call an election.