Monday, March 28, 2011

Iggy Loves Elections

In a speech that is unlikely to resonate with the general population, Ignatieff Monday was on stage screaming about how he loves elections, how Liberals love elections, and how we need this election. Iggy was responding to early statements be the Prime Minister lamenting that the opposition forced this unnecessary election, which to Iggy sees as proof the Prime Minister does not like democracy. By contrast the Liberals love democracy and love elections (just not leadership conventions). Ergo if you decide to open that "red door" and vote Liberal, you can expect many more frequent elections in Canada's future. The "blue door" leads to a stable majority, not a reckless premature election loving minority.

You decide. Taking the loving elections angle isn't exactly appealing to main stream Canadians Mike.


  1. He doesn't like the house of commons, since he was the most absent MP in Parliament. All he does is go on bus tours, and so I guess this election just provides him with a continuation of more of them. Guess he thinks its a vacation.The guy is just visiting Canada so he can tour the country now, and when he's back in the US he can write a book on his travels.

  2. I am boycotting CTV and CBC.
    Like many my mind is made up.
    I can't wait to vote.

  3. I'm with annony! CTV and CBC are merely the propaganda wing of the Coalition Party. I can't wait to vote Conservative, they really, really helped with this decision. Thanks Lloyd and Giggles and Ollie!
    Cheers Bubba

  4. anyone have a clip of this, I saw it on the news and started to chuckle, it should be part of a new ad. Time for a majority, time to put a stop to the waste on having elections every 1 or 2 years.

  5. this can be found in the following clip up on u-tube. Starts around 2;20 into the clip