Monday, March 21, 2011

Liberals Can't Budge Polls

Polling data in Canada continues to show a large lead for the Conservative Party, despite Liberal repeated attempts to cry wolf on the ethics file. The latest Nanos poll has the Tories leading 39% to 27%, which is very close to the results in 2008. By trying to force an election the Liberals taking a very big gamble with their deeply unpopular leader. Their behaving as though they have a quality candidate to replace the Count, but are they going to do any better with Bob Rae? I doubt it. "Go for Rae, Go for Broke!"

Don't you also love when Ignatieff keeps complaining that Stephen Harper doesn't respect democracy? Say Mike, which of the two was elected to the leader's job by the party membership? Where's your respect for grassroots democracy? Also, Iggy keeps citing the whim of Liberal MP Peter Milliken as evidence that the government is corrupt. Convenient.

The NDP is almost at 20% while the Green Party is virtually non-existent. Lizzy must still be busy quashing challenges to her leadership avoiding a performance review.


  1. You are one of the first people in a long time to even mention Elizabeth May. Apparently she's been so busy squashing dissent in the Green Party and trying to find every by-road in Saanich-Gulf Islands that she's forgotten she has a national mission — either that, or the media finally figured out there's "no new story here".

  2. The enviro-fraudsters are soo last year, after all the fakery with the "Hockey stick". Anyone that dosen't believe that this is a "Mann-made" crisis can't read and still believes that Bunnys bring choclate eggs.
    Cheers Bubba

  3. I am going with the Liberal constitution won't allow them to change leaders so they want to force an election to dump Iggy.

    At least some Liberals back in the 80's had the guts to form a mutiny in the public.

    Can we bill the Liberal party for the election if they change leaders?

  4. Never mind the polls. Which party has the biggest war chest, and which party is still struggling to pay for the last campaign?

    That's more important at this point.

  5. I still wonder if those LIEberal's that owe money to Elections Canada, from leadership race, can run again. My understanding is that they cannot until paid - why is this not brought up by the Con war room? This should get rid of a few front benchers.

    Seriously though, if they are permitted to run, then there should be an investigation into EC.

    Clown Party

  6. Definitely need to investigate elections Canada!!!!

  7. The coalition has had alot of air time, so CPC numbers will likely bounce around a bit.

    But the LPC numbers don't move out of the mid-high 20's.

  8. >>The coalition has had alot of air time, so CPC numbers will likely bounce around a bit.<<

    So true. I would say the negative coalition coverage has been "unprecedented". I am amazed the Tory numbers have held so well. It tells me people are no longer listening to the negative BS. Just like they didn't listen to the anti-Rob Ford BS in Toronto. And Lib commentators are shocked. They keep asking "When will this cumulative scandal toll take effect?" They are seriously in Shock.

  9. For starters may I suggest that the problem is not caused by the present leader of the Liberal Party, but rather by the track record of the whole Liberal Party. Changing leaders will not help them one bit, other than perhaps to pull the wool over the eyes of those forming their opinion solely on media sound bites and without memory.

  10. When they try to compare scandals, try to compare 250 million to 500 million minimum of money reported as stolen from the Canadian taxpayer by the Liebrals with spending too much of their own money in an election campaign. Bev Oda is guilty of contempt of Parliament??? Give me a bloody break. That's the lamest excuse for an investigation ever. Wimps all. To get worked up over something like that is unbelievable. They lie, cheat and's the Liebral way!!!