Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ignatieff Question Period Bravado

Anyone who watched Question Period on Monday was treated to a display of over-emotional hyperbole by the leader of the Liberal Party. An accounting dispute from 2006, which the Tories won in federal court, is suddenly "undermining our democracy"? That's right, regional candidates purchasing national advertising is going to transform our democracy into a Fascist dictatorship. Will that be the narrative of the Liberals next election campaign?

As the Tories and Dippers were releasing new commercial advertising, the best the cash strapped Libs can manage are cheap T-shirts? If that's what they think is sound pre-election campaign strategy, this might be a larger victory than I would have otherwise predicted. The Liberals seem concerned by their poor fundraising efforts, and even jealous that the Tories continue to accrue substantial financial support from their base. Liberal supporters are unwilling to send Iggy any money, hence why the Liberals are not releasing new commercials at this critical time.


  1. I want to know when those t-shirts were ordered, how many did they order, and how long did it take to get them made and shipped to Canada.
    Considering the message that is on them, it is all a little too suspicious, with all the Oda pile on. Which come first, the NOT document or the NOT t-shirt.
    Someone got that document, and gave it to the liberals, did they then plan the faux scandal and order the shirts.
    Can we find out what they cost.
    That money could have been used to help some business in Canada, and maybe provide some jobs for Canadians. Why did the liberals prefer to help the economy of a foreign country if they are so concerned about ours.
    Same with the ndp using stock photos of seniors in Denmark. And then they use the same man in their ads for Ont and BC.
    Did they pay for that photo.

  2. I do wish the Liberals would get their fund raising act together. All they have to show for all their work so far is an out of country leader, a broken down bus and some tacky T shirts. Get it together people you owe the Canadian Tax Payer $40,000,000.00.

  3. Looks like they are setting up for a coalition take over to me. On P&P last night, Lapierre said the BLOCK is going to pull their candidate out of Thomas Mulcairs riding. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours? After all, they will all be in the COALITION together to take over the Conservative Govt. after the election.

  4. Libs can't spend money now, they have to leave their 'borrowing' room open for the election,
    or they won't be able to spend the maximum.

    That was sad and funny, Cons and Dips spend a couple of million on ad buys,
    Libs stage a photo op to hand out t-shirts to the media.

  5. Winston Churchil once said..."The truth is so precious, that it has to be protected at all times by a bodyguard of lies."

    Fake is promoting lies about political parties that if said enough, people believe. Fake is when the news knows it is fake, and says it anyway, anything to get their party elected.

    CBC & the Coalition of losers.

  6. The best thing that could happen to the liberals is an election and a Tory majority. They need to clean house and be reborn, not try to be NDP lite. Get rid of the hangers on that are only there because they have smelled power for so many years. They need to wake up. The liberal party right now is a rotting corpse.