Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Dippers: Gerard Kennedy

Note to Gerard Kennedy, it looks like Peggy Nash will be back for another run at Parliament in Parkdale-High Park when we have our next election. Gerard beat her by 7% 2008, and he has not done much since to strengthen his image. I visited Peggy's website, and she had just posted a new piece about Kennedy's serial absenteeism from votes in the legislature. Peggy Nash wants her seat back, and she won't be pulling any punches.

There is virtually no chance of the Tories winning this riding. Gerard would have to be one of the Liberals who would love to see a non-compete agreement with the NDP. He has a very tenacious Dipper to contend with. The advtange Gerard has is that in the last 10 federal elections, this riding elected a Liberal 8 times, a Tory once, and a Dipper once (Peggy Nash in 2006).

Gerard Kennedy Absent for Parkdale—High Park
Tue 8 Mar 2011

The Globe and Mail ran a front page story on MPs who are constantly absent from their work in the House of Commons. Michael Ignatieff led the way at 129 absences, but not far behind was Gerard Kennedy, MP for Parkdale-High Park, at 86 missed votes.

“The people of Parkdale-High Park deserve to have their voice heard in the House of Commons,” said New Democrat candidate Peggy Nash. “How can Gerard Kennedy expect you to vote for him when he won't show up to vote for you.”

What were some of those absences?

· The HST in Ontario
· Second reading of Budget 2010
· EI benefits for families (C-280)
· Budget 2009
· Liberal motion on abortion funding to the developing world, helping to ensure its defeat

Gerard Kennedy also voted against:

· EI benefits Act (C-50)
· Made in Canada Act (C-392)
· Canadian Products Promotions Act (C-306)

Is that the kind of representation voters in Parkdale—High Park asked for?


  1. Does Peggy Nash tell anyone how many times the NDP voted down everything the CPC brought forward? Who can suffer through her voice? Yikes. Gerrard Kenny is a joke. Wasn't he the guy who showed up with Iggy, in an empty field ,complaining about where money went for the Economic Action Plan,and he had the wrong field??Why wouldn't a Conservative win there?They won once. Are the voters there not listening?

  2. He was the kingmaker for Dion. Iggy took a long time to make peace?

    He spent a large amount of time trying to suggest the spending for EAP was unfair in 2009-2010. Sheila Fraser ended all the hard work by the opposition in attacking the Economic Action plan and gave praise to the civil servants and government.

    The Press Conference at the "wrong field" may have ended his return to the inner circle for him.

  3. It seems Gerard is no longer 'front bench' material for Iffy.
    Any thoughts on why that is?

    Is he on the Rae team?

  4. The Tory candidate in that riding is good. Just not a "star" candidate as the liberal who came to my door said in shock that I would vote conservative.

    living in windsor now so I won't be around to vote for that candidate again.

  5. Peggy Nash is a moron. Gerard Kennedy is and always will be the best in Parkdale High Park

  6. You only approve comments that are NDP support which is false. I bet a lot of people comment on here who are Kennedy supporters and you deleted their comments as you will delete mine. Scared to approve something when a Kennedy supporter comes throught??? Yes you most certainly are. Prove that you arent a chicken by leaving my previous comment in.

  7. Sorry anonymous, I didn't delete anything. I have comment moderation on older posts for a variety of reasons. I was at work while you were flipping out on a 3 week old post. Have patience. I have a job and don't conduct blog activities from work.