Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Happened To UN Security Council Seat-gate?

To all those people who said that Stephen Harper deserved a black eye because Canada did not win a seat on the United Nations Security Council, just remember that the UN selected Muamar Gaddafi for their Human Rights Council. This certainly speaks to the credibility of the UN to make intelligent and pragmatic decisions on its council membership. The most substantial yet under-reported part of this Libyan crisis is Gaddafi's role at the UN. What does that say about the UN?


  1. Most importantly,why arn't the media reporting this little tit bit? They are pretty good lately at drudging up anything to bolster their campaign for the Liberals...maybe they should mention Paul Martins visit with Gaddafi...they are buddies. Nope...because that would be their black eye. So obvious.
    The only reason the Liberals got a seat in the past(Other then the obvious) was there were no votes...only two automatic seats.

  2. UN seat-gate went the way of cancelling the F35 contracts.
    Perhaps the Afghan detainee document release will be down played too.

    PMSH and the Harper Government were right on all counts,
    so no reminding Canadians of that!