Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Forget The Economy Stupid

An election is brewing, and what should be the ballot box question? Should it be Canada's outstanding economic recovery in this substantial global recession, or opposition allegations of "government secrecy"? That is today's poll question. The opposition has been very busy trying to re-frame the narrative away from the economy and to lesser matters. The Liberals know that they can't win on the economy, and if the next election springs from a budget vote, the budget (and thus the economy) will be front and center in the campaign. That's why Milliken did his party a huge favour by speeding up his contempt of Parliament rulings to just before the pre-budget recess. This should allow a vote of non-confidence based on contempt the day before the budget is read into the Hansard.

Wednesday substantially increased the probability of a spring election. The Liberals don't want you to see the budget.


  1. LPC can't win on the economy,
    they can't win will Iffy as leader,
    they can't win the coalition question,
    can't win the ethics battle either.
    LPC can't win.

  2. When will the Speaker ever rule on the Holland/Jennings march with stolen files.

  3. has anyone know if the polls have changed last I here the conservaties were in 3 polls within majority lvl.when the next 1 comes out and ithasn't hurt the conservatives. the libranos will not go to the election polls.

  4. Canada News Today March 10/11

    Conservatives 39%
    Liberals 23%
    NDP 17%

    Liberal approval rating with Iggy - a stunning 14%

  5. And CBC AT ISSUE are calling the Govt. a criminal regime in power...crooks....fraud..on & on nasty...SHOCKING!!...but Mansbridge said.." I thought we said we wouldn't talk about polls tonight".No, another cover up by the CBC.

    CBC is the regime and needs to be shut down.It is so unfair, crooked, liars, convenient clips giving the wrong messages, its beyond words....
    never a word of the economy but just the Liberal talking points.Tonight was unbelievable.A Liberal, Harper hating love in of CBC employees fighting for their paycheques.

  6. Geez, do you guys ever get sick of patting one another on the behinds and cheering "go harper"?

  7. Anon 8.18-No we don't, just like the posters at the G&M, Star and other media, don't get tired of telling lies about the govt.