Monday, March 21, 2011

CUPE Really Wants To "Free Gaza"

On my way to work on Sunday I was driving through downtown Vancouver when suddenly all traffic was stopped by a large protest. Initially I thought it might be a rally for the people of Libya, but then I looked closer and it was a protest to "free Gaza". What struck me as odd was the massive number of CUPE signs spread throughout the protest, and those people were in an angry frenzy. My question, why does the Canadian Union of Public Employees go this batshit crazy over Gaza? How exactly is this supposed to benefit the public workers they represent in collective bargaining?

Honestly guys, I saw about 4 CUPE signs for each "Free Gaza" sign, so who exactly are you trying to promote? Are the public employees they represent going to get a higher pay rate if Gaza is "freed"? Or are their union dues being spent in this manner such that the membership can sleep a little better at night? This is way far and beyond their intended mandate. It doesn't make any sense to me. Is Cupe Nucking Futs?

"I've been trying to make some sense of it all, but I can see it makes no sense at all"

-Stealer's Wheel

PS: The last time I drove by a pro life protest, they were standing at the side of the road and not blocking my passage to and from work. Blocking traffic pisses more people off than it wins you in general support. I'll cheer tomorrow if I see the IDF blow up a Hamas weapons cache.


  1. William in Ajax said...

    Protests like that for Gaza...
    Have Sid Ryans fingerprints all over them.

    Sids CUPE have been embezzeling union dues for years now in their very own anti-Isreal crusade.

    All legal or so we're told.!

  2. William in Ajax said...

    Union dues funding foriegn government protests.
    Thats what passes for your Right to Freedom of Association in Canada.

    We are forced by legislation to finacially support causes for which we normally wouldn't.
    Try and get your union to use your dues for the intended purposes and see what happens to your car late at night.!

    All union leadership are Communist thieves.!
    Usurping your money for their political causes.

    All legal or so we're told.!

  3. "Free Gaza" are you f*****g kidding These are the people that just danced in the streets handing out candies and treats cause one of their freedom fighters (terriosts) slaughtered a family of Jews.
    I think the IDF should "flatten Gaza" and plant trees.

  4. Gaza has a obesity crisis just recorded by WHO and the U.N. per capita for the population. CUPE members must have just come back from spending our Tax dollars in a Communist Cuba that once jailed gays wit hAIDS to hide them from our Tourists at CUPE,they also vacation in Mexico when both Cuba and Mex ship us refugees. Hey Justin Trudeau,is the tretament to Cubans and Mexicans Barbaric,or just a great vacation spot for smug/eltie/wealthy/white/liberals and Public sector Union workers to spend out money as they prop-up thugs and Communists.
    Good ol CHE used to beat the crap out a wmone he wanted to rape and then he'd kill them, and Syed Rhyanni Boycotts israel and marches in a pro-Hezballah Peace-protest with Children used as humand shields. Nice family image Syed for the Unions that stay mute on gays murdered in gaza and gays jailed in Cuba. Omar Khadr at GITMO is in a jail on Cuban soil leased to the USA, that makes CUPE and Cuba complicit it not stopping it and enabling it via vacation dollars to prop-up the Nation.
    Now Omar wants to sue us for $10 million because maher Arar got away with alleging Torture as if we caused it. Boycot CUPE and demand Governments go more Automated so we aren't funding the Homophobic/Misogynistic/myopic/pro-Shariah/hamas-friendly Public workers that include the Teachers that go to Cuba on our dime as the double-dip for pension while being hired back after age 55 as part timers.