Thursday, March 31, 2011

Early Stages Of A Liberal-NDP Non-Compete Agreement?

The recent trend of Liberals and NDP who don't really have a chance against the other bowing out of the election has aroused my curiosity. Is this the beginning of a new trend? Will the Liberal in Edmonton Strathcona bow out of the race? Short of a public announcement of a partnership, perhaps the alleged deal negotiated between Chretien and the NDP Saints was for local candidates to bow out and support the other. We shall see if this early trend continues, or if it was simply a single one off trade in London and Nanaimo. Could be a sign of things to come, or an anomaly. It is in each other's best interests, so I don't see why they wouldn't do it.

Speaking of switching sides, thank you Tony Genco for endorsing Julian Fantino in Vaughan! Much appreciated and I'm sure it's rare to have a Liberal candidate so soon after a byelection loss to come out and endorse the Tory. The Liberals put a lot into that Greater Toronto byelection. I'd like to request somebody put together a Youtube video montage of televised statements that high profile Liberals made about Tony Genco, just a few short months ago. Because Tony now supports Fantino in Toronto. How many people who once volunteered for Ruby Dhalla are now volunteering to defeat her? I guess when you swing to the left, you expose your right...


  1. “After running up a record deficit – including a billion dollars wasted on the G8 and G20 – Stephen Harper has chosen tax breaks for large corporations, untendered stealth fighter jets, and new super-prisons. Those don’t sound like Vaughan’s priorities, The choice for Vaughan is clear. Let’s send Stephen Harper a message he can’t ignore: the people of Vaughan do not support his government,” Mr. Genco said.

  2. Genco looks like a brazen opportunist, it reeks of sleaze. This will bite him and his new overlords in the ass.

    Why did your boy Stephen bail on the debate with Iggy?

    Early days but Harper looks bad. Iggy ain't no Dion. This one's going to be close.

  3. Harper didn't bail on the debate. He said there will be only one debate and it is up to the Coalition whether they want all of the party leaders there, or just the one they plan to install as Prime Minister.