Thursday, March 31, 2011

60% Of Canadians Don't Want An Election

Perhaps the most effective platform for anyone to win this unwanted election is to point at that you were the only party who voted to continue Parliament. If anger at the people who decided it prudent to trigger an early election turns out to be the number one ballot box issue, that spells bad news for the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc. Right now the only consensus that I am hearing and seeing from regular people is frustration that there is an election. The fact that Stephen Harper forced the 2008 election instead of the opposition likely cost him a majority government. In 2011 the opposition decided it was a good time, and we shall see what price they pay in the polling booth for thrusting this upon us.

With the number of early elections we've had in the last decade, the cumulative effect on the average Canadian psyche is negative emotions about the frequency of elections. Ironic how around the world people are protesting and even dying for the chance to vote, and in Canada the only consensus is anger that we get too many opportunities to vote.

The best way to postpone the next election until 2015, vote Conservative.


  1. Just saw an ad where Iggy uses his now deceased Mom and implying he,like so many Canadians, cared for his Mom and maintained his work life. I'm sure I read somewhere that there was family animosity because Iggy ignored his Mom when she was ill. He made it personal with this ad, so I'd say its fair game!

  2. I agree totally with Anonymous.It seems to me that there are so many Blogs that are preaching to the converted with material that would help the cause if it were in the public domain.

  3. Full details of the Nik Nanos Nightly Tracking poll can be found here. The national numbers are:

    Conservative 39.1% +0.7

    Liberal 32.7% +4.0

    NDP 15.9% -3.7

    So early indications are that the Dipper vote is soft. The Libs gains were mostly in the West and Atlantic. The Ontario numbers are:

    Conservative 47.5 +4.5

    Liberal 32.2 -0.7

    NDP 16.3 -4.3

    Anyway, the full court press is on us, from all the usual suspects, spinning and torquing everything as negatively as possible. Jack should have done more of an analysis of his loss in the Winnipeg by-election, and vote collapse in Vaughan. Too late now.

    Calgary Junkie

  4. Meanwhile in Ontario ,welfare is to be increased by 1% apparently under the Liberal govt.Ah yeah ok.I think i might move away soon.I dont want to see another election for 4 years so Cons it is.


  5. Things could be worse this campaign could go on for 2 years aka the USA.

  6. I think it was in 06, but I remember how the media hammered us daily with stories about how Canadians did not want an election - over and over and over and over - primarily because they were trying to help the Paul Martin Liberals.

    Now they are quite - despite the reality that most Canadians really do not want an election - primarily to help the Ignatieff Liberals.

    Thats the beauty of being a Liberal, the media will always shape its narrative to accomodate you.

  7. 70% of Canadians don't agree with you.