Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Dippers: Siobhan Coady

To kick off my new blogging mini-series of Liberals who are vulnerable to Tories and Dippers is none other than St. John's South-Mount Pearl MP Siobhan Coady, who in 2008 barely defeated her NDP counterpart Ryan Cleary by less than 3%. Before that, the riding had been held by the Conservatives for both the 2004 and 2006 elections. The riding is 53% Catholic. Ms. Coady defeated her local NDP candidate by the smallest margin of all her caucus colleagues against the Dippers. She likely owes her victory to Danny Williams ABC campaign, but now Danny boy has made his peace with Prime Minister Harper and is riding off into the sunset.

One has to wonder if Siobhan can win without a popular Premier campaigning against the Tories amid rising Tory support in Atlantic Canada. To make matters worse, the likely Tory candidate in the riding will be Loyola Sullivan, a former Williams Finance Minister and House Leader. I doubt that Danny will be campaigning against one of his own important former cabinet appointees. Moreover, in the aftermath of "wafer-gate" and "foreign abortion-gate", I doubt Coady will be able to carry the Catholic vote in the next election.

Shiboan will be very vulnerable in the next election, be it next week or next year. It would appear as though the Tories have lined up an excellent slate of candidates to run on the rock, many of which have ties to the Danny Williams government. Coady is vulnerable on the right and left; that's never a good combination. I'm sure she would love a non-compete with the NDP in her riding.


  1. All citizens on the Rock had better think long and hard about a coalition with the Bloc, thusly giving Quebec MPs more seats in a coalition of losers govt than Ontario + Nfld combined.
    They can kiss goodbye to any federal support for their Churhill hydro-power plans.

    The ONLY party that will not be pushed around by the Bloc, is the ONLY party that will not form a coalition government with separatists,
    the CPC.

  2. A mini series on vulnerable Liberals?? Hell yes!! I approve iceman, I approve!!

  3. Another reason to defeat her, no pension.

  4. What does she do for her riding? All I see her doing in the HOC is smear campaigning. NFLD needs a MP thats doing something about them, not in it for ,like Liberals lusting for power. A coalition Govt. in NFLD would be devestating for the people.Its time to stop listening to the panic stricken opposition.They arn't crediable...The old Liberal RED BOOK over and over is stale. They never do what they promise.

  5. Not that she will lose to a "dipper" or hasn't done anything for her constituents, she will simply face a very strong Tory candidate in Sullivan.

    Look at this seat going Blue in the next election.

    Blogged about Liberal seats that will flip in the next election a few weeks back. 3 seats we're predicting.