Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kelly McParland On CBC Vote Compass

Wednesday Kelly McParland was at his best in the National Post with a piece titled "The “big red tent” for people with no clue" about his latest experience with the CBC vote compass. Evidently if you vote "don't know" or no opinion for all your answers, it says you are most closely aligned to the Liberal Party. The piece is quite entertaining. He also goes beyond the compass to point out fatal flaws in Ignatieff's political reasoning; "So on the one hand Mr. Ignatieff has to criticize the government as “wasteful,” while urging even more spending. He has to denounce it for spending too much, while promising to spend more. And he needs to wrap it all in a promise the Liberals will be “prudent”, even though they won’t cut anything important."

Read the full article.


  1. Now that it's been revealed that the person who was responsible for the "compass" worked on Michael Ignatieff's leadership campaign in 2006, we can dismiss anything to do with this propaganda tool.

    The CBC is a national disgrace to the news/journalist business, foisting this piece of sneaky biased garbage on an unsuspecting public.


  2. The CBC is corrupt to the core, and their absolutely shameless in that corruption. On the lighter side of this manipulation of the electoral process... if you answer "I don't know anything, and don't have an opinion on anything" then you're a Liberal. LOL! Sounds about right.

  3. CBC (gag) lost alot of credibility with their Liberal tool, we laugh, but their peers must be disgusted.