Monday, March 14, 2011

The Layton Blame Game

NDP leader Jack Layton was on Question Period Sunday in a vain attempt to convince you that if he forces an election, it will be Stephen Harper's fault. Elections are generally unpopular, and no party wants to be seen as forcing an early vote. Ergo the coalition partners are trying to create the narrative that Stephen Harper is purposefully trying to engineer his own defeat. If that's the case, then the opposition is doing exactly what he wants them to do. Sure CTV's Barney Fife was on TV a few short weeks ago saying that Stephen Harper was trying to stay in power because he likes power, but you'd be foolish to take Fife at face value.

It might be true that the PM wants an election. The Liberals want an election, and threw the "stay in power" hot potato to the Dippers. "Carrying out the desires of the Conservative Party", is that the NDP 2011 slogan?


  1. Jack says: my way or the hiway Harper

    Duceppe says: my way or the hiway Harper

    Iffy says: Harper your time is up

    and somehow the defeat of the government is Harper's fault??

    They have all, Jack/ducey/Iffy, become boring and laughable with their silly games.

  2. This election is about the coalition.
    And Jack's place in it.

    The Liberals and the NDP know they can't beat Harper outright.
    So they're fighting for second place, or first place in the coalition.

    Pet peeve: People who say that the Conservatives are to the left of the US Democratic party.
    The Democrats are the NDP on steroids, but with enough Liberal equivocation to make them seem palatable.