Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's The End Of Democracy As We Know It, And I Feel fine...

Having listened to this week's At Issue panel on the CBC, all I have to say is wow. To listen to these "experts" discuss the current state of Canadian politics, one gets the impression that Canada's democracy is collapsing all around us. Chantal Hebert was glowing about Ignatieff crying wolf over these "government secrecy and abuse" matters, claiming that he is finally "connecting with voters". Right, just because Iggy is "connecting" with Chantal, he must be connecting with the rest of the country. By the way, haven't recent opinion polls showed the opposite to be true? Iggy's support is declining while Chantal thinks he's "connecting". Sounds like wishful thinking.

Peter Mansbridge even got annoyed with Andrew Coyne who mentioned the Liberals poor polling numbers. Though you can't say that Coyne was defending the government, because his rants were just as gloomy as the rest of the panel. Remind me again why I still download that podcast? I've stopped watching CBC Newsworld in favour of CTV, but I'll stop watching both when Sun TV News finally launches.


  1. I too use to enjoy this panel - but lately refuse to listen to their liberal rants. If any of the panel ever did want to say anything negative against Iggy - peter isn't long shutting them down - I know Peter pads his pocket book from the CBC, but here is one Conservative supporter and worker who will do everything they can to persuade the Conservative Government to see if he can pad his pocket on his own, without our money. All taxpayers who do not support the liberals need to pay his salary - let the liberals keep him!

  2. Chantal Hebert is a columnist for the Toronto Star - wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

  3. I usually enjoy Rex Murphy's spot after the panel, but it's interesting to note there's a huge difference in his tone and subject matter on CBC tv vs his columns in the Post.

    It's unfortunate that he sensors himself (?) on CBC and lets out his 'inner Conservative' in the newspaper.

    Just once, I'd like to see him blast the silly left wing media on CBC...even if it's his last show.

  4. The take away from the CTV-CBC spin panels is what they omit.

    Do they talk about important issues like the economy, jobs and how the confidence in business and consumers have returned?

    It is of no consequence if a few old white guys from Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal earning (100k+) sit around a table and bitch about the federal government.

    It reinforces the out of touch meme rather nicely. The television ratings are also clear.

  5. Peter always leads of with leading questions and then the panel of pundent's always follows his Q,they all most always trash the conservative's, they where all so one sided talking head's I hope the Sun has a real panel?

  6. We now know that only 15% of Canadians are paying attention to politics. I wonder how many are watching CTV and CBC politics programs. Where would one find this information? I'm willing to bet any given Shopping Channel show gets higher ratings than QP or P & P.

  7. Awe does At Issue need a tissue?

  8. The CBC should be shut down, there are many more worthy areas to which $1 Billion plus a year would be greatly appreciated.

    Health care for instance.

  9. It seems like an endless cycle. Parliament passes a condemnation of the minority Conservative government and then the pundits sit around and discuss how it is the end of Canada.

    "We hereby decree that the government is sneaky and mean." Passed by a majority opposition. Yawn... Please come up with something people actually care about rather than opposition BS.

  10. Proroguing Parliament twice and being in contempt of Parliament on many occasions doesn't really sound like respect for democracy.

  11. Parliament was Proroged to stop the Block from ruling Canada. Ignatieff cryed about Parliament being shut down and then takes off on bus tours. He is the most absent MP in the HOC.

    David Akin on CPAC.said the New Jets in 2017 will cost 1 Billion a year. Take away the BILLION a year CBC gets to cheerlead for Liberals and run their FREE Liberal ATTACK ads and it pays for the jets. Sounds like a great plan.
    Heck, Mansbridge couldn't even say LIBERAL(CHOKE, COUGH, GAG) Lavigne , the Senator who got CONVICTED of FRAUD. Instead he threw in Pic of a Conservative Senator who has a charge(not a conviction)so viewer would think it was a CPC that got Convicted. CBC Twisting stories once again. I'd like them to reply to access ot information. What are they afraid of, and what are they hiding? PHONEYS!!
    Just because the CPC had 39% in the new released poll and the Liberals has 23%(worse then Dion) Mansbridge said on at issue.."I thought we wern't going to talk about polls?" If it wasn't for CBC and the media, the CPC would be at soaring higher in the poll.
    Is that Liberal Pablo going to step down? He was charged with drunk driving and hitting a parked car.
    Here's Liberal Democracy and ethics

  12. And Anonymous is a cowards name.

  13. Chretien and Trudeau prorogued parliament 15 times between them ( 4 for J.C., 11 for Trudeau)

    Respect for democracy?

    On your bike, son...

  14. I have a friend who says he doesn't let his kids watch the CBC because he doesn't want them to damage their brains. At first I laughed and then I realized that a substantial case could be made for child abuse if one did allow the CBC to fill their minds with their mythical nonsense.