Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Idea For Two And A Half Men

Good on CBS for firing Charlie Sheen. The show must continue as soon as they can get production rolling. I would even like to pitch a plot idea for how they should resume the show. Have Allan wake up one morning and Charlie is gone without explanation. Maybe he leaves a short note like he just stepped out for a night of hookers and blow, then never returns. Eventually everyone becomes worried that something might have happened to him, so they call the police. The detective assigned to the case is John Stamos.

Somewhere in the investigation Stamos tracks down Charlie's long lost 10 year old son who is basically a ten year old parody of Charlie. Better yet, the kid can be a child star, either in TV or music. There are several different directions they could take that story line. The kid could win ownership of the house in court, and moves in with his step dad.

That's my idea for the show. I would like to see it succeed without Charlie. Chuck Lorre also does Big Bang Theory, which is a marvelously written show. They must hire John Stamos. Charlie is not a fan of John Stamos.


  1. I think they could write in his character is lost when his plane/boat goes missing.

    He can have his own version of Gilligan's Island or lost.

  2. Or they can get rid of Charlie via this way:

  3. My short list:

    Alec Baldwin
    Colin Ferril
    Nicholas Cage
    Ed Norton
    Chris Bale
    David Duchonvy