Sunday, March 6, 2011

"The Harper Government"

Ladies and gentlemen, we have another controversy. Evidently the Prime Minister's Office and several ministries began using the term "Harper Government" instead of "Government of Canada" in memos and press releases describing policy decisions and positions. Today's poll question; what should we call our current government? I'm not sure this is even a controversy, though a panelist on CTV's Question Period certainly thought so today. This terminology directive has been in place for a while now, it just took a year for anyone to notice and write a story about it.

Personally I think the Prime Minister is a very skilled politician and I like the sound of "the Harper Government". That label is used quite often in the media and among the chattering classes on both sides of the aisle, so again I fail to see how this is destroying our democracy. I guess Jennifer Ditchburn has a different point view.


  1. How about the Coalition with Bloc veto powers lead by Iggy NOT Government.

  2. Of course the media don't like the PM and ministries using "Harper Government" themselves. I have noticed that when there is a good thing happening, the media call it the Government of Canada, but when they are trying to push their perception of a bad thing - it suddenly becomes the Harper Government.
    This has effectively taken away one of their smear phrases.

  3. It is complete bullshit. If they want to refer to themselves as the "Harper Government" in discussion and such that is fine. But on documents it is not. The government of Canada consists of every elected member of parliament not just the blue ones.

  4. You call yourself a moderate Libertarian and you are okay with this Dear Leader, cult-of-personality nonsense?

  5. I don't see a big deal. Since Mr. Harper became Prime Minister, the MSM has always refered to the government as "The Harper Government". Now Mr. Harper does the same and the MSM is all bent out of shape. They just want to be contrary.

  6. Mansbridge and Oliver and the rest of the Liberal media have always said "The Harper Govt".
    It was always the chretian and martin and trudeau govt. too except when it was a scandal...then it was called "the Govt."They actually made you think the scandal was in Europe. What about the McGuinty Govt?
    When they talk about Obama its President Obama...when the Canadian media parasites talk about PM Harper....its just HARPER.
    Now the very ones who called it The harper Govt. are complaining. What a pathetic bunch.

  7. From my recollection the term "the Harper Government" was first coined by those who believe they are the only ones with the Divine right to govern Canada, and I am not referring to the CPC. This was intended as an insult and to insinuate that the present government of Canada is some how illegal. Just another tempest in a teapot brought to us by the Liberals.

  8. Jennifer Ditchburn? lolololol
    That CBC clone. Nobody really listens to her do they , other then the ones who pay her, to do the Liberal talking points for them. What a farce the media is in this country.

  9. Please oh Please, lets have a Conservative news site to do battle with the "bought and paid for" CBC and it's fawning acolytes.

  10. The problem isn't calling it 'the Harper Government' when you're talking about policies on a news broadcast. The problem is how unsettling it sounds when the company you work for gets a congratulations from the Industry Minister, and the second paragraph talks about how "The Harper Government is proud to support companies yada yada yada". It reads like advertising/propaganda that's been shoe horned into a note of congratulations and recognition from the national government, representing the people and the country of Canada. It sounds like Harper himself is taking recognition for something that all of us contribute to - that is, the success of our nation and her laws, etc.

    And frankly, I'm still surprised you guys think it's ok. I'm not a Conservative supporter, but if anyone did this in an official capacity the way Harper has I would be equally as creeped out by it.

    Harper is not Canada. He is a custodian of the government.

    Here's the actual text (with names etc removed):


    Minister Clement Congratulates First Canadian Recipient of XXX — The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for the , today issued the following statement:

    "I am very pleased to congratulate [company]. This honour only serves to reinforce the [Canada's] position as a leader on the world stage, while showcasing Canadian technology and innovation.

    "The [award] .... for quality and performance. It recognizes only those businesses that share a commitment to the highest levels of teamwork, technical and managerial excellence, safety, and customer service.

    "The Harper Government, through [institute], is proud to support companies like [company] as they work to sustain [Canada's] world-class reputation. [company's] story is a prime example of how Canadian firms are thriving in a competitive global market."


    If you think that would be acceptable to you if it said "The Ignatieff government..." then I think you are blinded by your partisan ideology.

  11. I don't know which bright spark came up with this idea, but it is at best ill advised, and at worst, just plain stupid.

    It is either the Govt of Canada, or Her Majesty's Canadian Govt. It is not the Govt of any one politician.