Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leadership In A Crisis

Today's poll question, who would you rather have as Prime Minister of Canada in a crisis situation? When I see catastrophic events happen around the world, I can't help but wonder what if that happens here, and I am grateful that Stephen Harper is Canada's leader. The events in Japan are worrisome for west coast Canadians who live in an earthquake zone. I was watching the news as the earthquake happened, and they issued a tsunami warning for the BC coast. As someone who resides in a basement apartment just a stone's throw away from the Pacific ocean, I was somewhat nervous as I went to bed; albeit comforted by the fact that if the telephone rings at 24 Sussex at 4am, neither Dion or Ignatieff is answering the phone.


  1. I hear ya. I vacation along the coast of Oregon every summer and our cottage is in a tsunami zone which is mildly disconcerting. This summer it will be even more disconcerting.

  2. The environmentalists are blaming this earth quake on global warming. Hmm. The industrial revolution started about 2 hundred years ago, no heavy industry before then. I guess there were no earth quakes before then either.

    Fat Tony

  3. A 4am phone call would be an hour after it rang a O'Bamas White House and no one was there. He was still in the lounge at the golf club!

  4. Iceman, I hear you too. My dual Canuck-Am daughter woke me Friday 7 AM from California to warn of the tsunami, which was a non-issue here, of course, but she did not know; it was a good wake-up call for all of us who love and live in the beautiful Rim of Fire locales, to be careful.

    Unlike you, I am on the far end of False Creek in larger accomo, but I am still concerned that my townhouse was built on 1910/20's land fill with possibly not-so-good building codes, not disclosed on purchase! I'm thinking it's not so solid ... despite the price tag.

    I do have my emergency kit and an extra fridge full of food and liquids, but I have no confidence that we would fare any better here than did Japan, should we have a local earthquake. Tsunamis will not reach here.

    We lived in Japan in the 80's and experienced many earthquakes up to 6.7, none causing significant damage; the Japanese have their act together, so we can learn lessons.

    I probably could survive in my house/garage for a month without municipal services, barring deadly debris hits, but even greeny Gregor, queen of bike lanes, admitted that Vancouver is vulnerable on Power and Politics.

  5. global warming and earthquakes. just how stupid do you have to be to even think that? old white guy

  6. Ha ha ha - did you really write that last sentence?! Even in a campaign ad it sounded ridiculous - and wasn't it originally a US campaign ad anyway?

  7. That was a really good ad, no name commentor.
    And it is proving true, Americans picked Mr Glitter instead of the real deal, and they know it now.