Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Prisons Or More Stadiums?

Today's poll question; what do you think Canada needs more of, prisons or stadiums? We have the opposition Liberals threatening to take down the government over prison spending, all while they have unveiled their own plan to fund stadium construction projects across the country. So what do we need more of? Personally I support building more stadiums, but as a sports fan my opinion is biased. Regardless of my support for stadium construction, I do think it is a greater priority to expand our prison capacity. Our prisons are overcrowded to the point of being inhumane.

I already tried to convert more people to the side of stadium construction, but alas my pleas were not successful. Public opinion is largely against this, no matter what case you try to make in support of the venture. People like sports, but don't want the feds subsidizing it at the professional level.


  1. Just wondering, how often would you go to a hockey game or cultural event in Quebec.

  2. William in Ajax said...

    Why can't government build more prisons, while the PRIVATE sector builds more stadiums?
    Why do millionaire sports figures and their owners need my tax dollars to get rich?
    Why are we even discussing this?

  3. The Government of Canada is NOT building new or more prisons.
    Expansions to existing prisons and renovations to existing prisons,
    is what the Government of Canada is doing.

    And it is the Government of Canada that is responsible for this infrastructure.

    the Liberal narrative is a lie.

    And that is why in Kangaroo Court yesterday, no Opposition MP could name where that new US style prison Scott Brison was going on and on about, is being built.
    it is a Liberal lie

  4. lol - great question.

    how about prisons for hockey players who commit hits to the head ;)

  5. Like Dany Heatley against Dallas this week :)

    But seriously..

    My question is why do we need either? Both efforts are tax dollars spent on buying votes.. just to different constituencies, with no demonstrated benefit to the average tax payer.